Friday, 12 November 2010

Haul: Miss Selfridge Jewellery

I must have spent a hell of a money lately because I seem to have an endless amount of haul pictures for you. Yesterday I spent the afternoon at the Boots Christmas event in Dundee. It was so much fun! Last time I bought heaps of presents, but this time it was all for myself (I felt very indulgent). There were loads of Soap & Glory gift sets I wanted to purchase (as I do every year) and then I spotted something else and something else and ended up spending at least double what I had intended. I managed to earn over £53 in Advantage Points in a single transaction, pretty cool huh? I'm aiming for millionaire status in the land of advantage points! Speaking of, did you know you can now earn those points through purchases at the likes of ASOS, Miss Selfridge, Dorothy Perkins etc? Just log into your account on the Boots website and look for info about 'Treat Street' and it lists all the online stores that participate and you make your purchases through that. I tried it out the other day, but it didn't seem to work for ASOS, but did for Miss Selfridge (it opens up a lot of windows and I think it maybe logged me out and that's why it didn't work), so it can be a little unreliable.
Anyhow, the Miss S stuff I purchased was a massive haul of jewellery from their sale. I spotted this gorgeous unicorn brooch and there was only one left and my order just grew from there! Here's all the brooches.
A stunning little horse and carriage necklace, the carriage really opens! The fantasy theme continued with the rings...
This one looks like the Disney Couture treasure chest ring and has the smallest little ring inside, so cute! The mirror one reminded me of Disney too, "mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the fairest of them all?"! I think my favourite though is the crochet flower one, it's huge and it just feels so pretty!
Someone shoot me if I buy any more jewellery, it's getting out of hand! I'm going to have to rethink my storage yet again because I have absolutely no room for these new rings. There are tonnes of lovely things in their sale anyway and I could've bought more, but tried (kinda) to reign myself in! Oh, I also got tights (surprised that they actually fit) and my nail polish here is Eyeko Punk Polish with Barry M Instant Nail Effects over the top.


  1. Wow, totally love th horse and carriage necklace and the treasure chest!! :)
    AnD wow about the advantage points, I didn't realise that at all !! thank you!! xx

  2. I reeeeally like the horse & carriage! In fact, I headed right over to MS to see if they still have it haha...they do, but I didn't get it...I did however get this dress for just 7 pounds! Well actually 6,30 because I always cheat and use a NUS code I found online a long time ago lol (well, not really cheating, I am a student just not a UK student :P)

    I was INCREDIBLY tempted by the fox ring....ohhh it's so awesome! Have you seen it yet? unfortunately at 15 pounds it's really overpriced :( so I was strong and removed it from my basket hehe

  3. Yessss, saw the fox ring, very similar to the River Island one that I considered buying-although the Miss S one is even more expensive! Which dress did you get-the link didn't work?...I'm guessing the printed tea dress or navy crochet maxi dress? Both are gorgeous-I so wish I was able to fit Miss Selfridge sizes, their sale is amazing!

  4. Ha you know my tastes :P I got the printed tea dress, Item code: 18P17FMUL :D I wasn't supposed to be buying anything but at that price I really couldn't resist...I also had already seen that dress but it was only available in very small sizes...and now all of a sudden there was one size 16! Which is a size up but I think I'll need it as the boobie-space isn't very large hehe

    If the fox is still there at the end of the month in a S I might get it...although it is very expensive...and Christmas is coming up...and I need new slippers...and I only want Bedroom Athletics slippers which are quite expensive...OH and I want to use the Asos discountcode before the money seriously needs to double overnight lol

  5. OH one more thing...did you see Asos now stocks River Island? Maybe the RI fox ring will pop up some time and I can get it there :D

  6. I know, I was just about to tell you about that, I got really excited to see them on there-great considering RI don't ship internationally. Oh crap, I just remembered my ASOS Premier runs out in a week and I've become so accustomed to it, I need it in my life! I also have 2 10% off codes to use with ASOS because my order came late and I sent back a broken ring and the replacement is apparently going to be late too, so I got another code! I doubt I'll have any money to use them though! Hopefully they'll get more RI and that will save me shipping fees from them in the future!

    The dress is lovely, knew it would be that one! It's totally my type of dress too!

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