Thursday, 18 November 2010

Welcome To The Kandee Shop

Nope I'm not talking about that 50 Cent song, but gorgeous, adorable, amazing shoes! Through some sort of twisted fate (me having zero money-boo), I stumbled upon this astounding collection of shoes a wee while back, that leave me literally salivating. Josh Wayman came up with the idea of Kandee and he had a vision for shoes inspired by candy in terms of colour, the materials used, even the packaging. The shapes take inspiration from vintage shoe designs, which is definitely more visible in the earlier collection (not the shoes I've chosen here). The idea was to give the wearer beautiful 'edible' shoes and he's 100% succeeded. The website is a sweet tooth lovers absolute dream and you know I'm girly to the max, so it's right up my street. Think pretty pastels shades, good enough to eat (with names to match) in sumptuous materials and I'm loving the studding details for a bit of contrast. These platform courts above £129 (Lime Sours, Lemon Sours, Chocolate Limes (£139), Raspberry Sours, Liquorice Allsole and Vice Versas) are so visually appealing with their contrasting soles (always a winner for me)-I just want to stroke them!

I absolutely must have these 'Blue Raspberry Dragee' sandals £150 though-seriously! I'm going to save for them once I get some money (perhaps my first purchase of 2011-no joke). I'm almost speechless when I see them, I love the shape (very YSL), the studs, that strange misplaced peep toe and that soft powder blue colour is utterly gorgeous.
Another pair top of my wishlist are these 'Diamonds' platforms £269. If ever I saw a modern Cinderella shoe, this is it. I love how it looks as though you've dropped diamonds and they've fallen between the spikes. Even the sole is glittery pewter! Only 60 pairs of these have been made (worldwide), so the likelihood of me managing to get my mitts on them are slim, but I'm going to do my best to try! Can you imagine how much they would enhance The Shoe Girl Diaries? Heehee!
Another couple of pairs I like are Limited Edition Peanut in Smooth (no spikes) £149 or Crunchy (shown below, with spikes) £199-I told you the names were cute! Crunchy are sold out in all sizes other than 40 and 41 though.
Finally, Cherry Bomb (above) £159 are grown up heels with a twist. They have a chunkier heel than the others, but still feature that lovely stud detail. You'll also find wedges, more ankle boots and all sorts of pumps on the site, definitely worth a visit and you can buy directly from the website. I can't wait to see the designs and colour combinations that come next-I'm sure this range will just get better and better! (Hope Santa reads this post) x x x


  1. I can't find any Kandees on the link you posted. *frown*

  2. The Kandee link works for me in this post. If it's the sale you're wondering about, that I mentioned the other day, that was on the Secret Sales website and is now finished.


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