Friday, 12 November 2010

I Did The Nasty!

I did it, I freaking did it! I've finally, finally, bought the Senso Wilma pink leopard boots! I'm so pleased, not only because I love them but because I no longer have to waste my life checking Solestruck every day a gazillion times.
You may recall they expected stock of some more pairs on Tuesday, after I narrowly missed out yet again the week before. So Tuesday comes and goes and still no shoes. In that time I've seen the silver glitter Lita (Jeffrey Campbell) sell out and literally watched the multi coloured glitter pair diminish from my shopping cart. If Wilma had been in stock that day, for sure I would've bought the glitter pair too (for free shipping), but it wasn't to be. I have absolutely no money left, like none at all, so was trying desperately to tell myself I didn't need Wilma. I must admit I had almost completely convinced myself that if I did see them, I wouldn't purchase-although I fully expected to miss out yet again anyway. So I log on today and see them and spend the entire morning fretting that they would sell out once the USA awoke! After a few hours (the longest of my life), I text my sister, hoping she's on lunch to get her to lend me her card details, but no reply. Then she sent me a text and didn't mention the one I'd sent her! I only had 15p left on my phone, so sent her another text and she didn't reply. So I've been really naughty and bought them anyway because I was almost at a heart attack stage and couldn't take much more. I did transfer £100 to her account, so technically I'm not due her much more. I would love to do a happy dance at my success but I feel bad that I went behind her back, so until I know she's ok with it, the dancing will wait!
In my haste, I hadn't noticed that Solestruck added the tapestry Foxy and blue Lita's (although I reckon they literally added them as I was completing checkout because I had checked previously), but I just have to tell myself that I couldn't afford them anyway, which is true! I hope my sis isn't too mad, because I need to borrow from her for Pearl Lowe/Peacocks on Sunday! I'm also due Mum £200 for yesterdays splurge in Boots and have 2 inch roots because I can't afford hair dye and only 9p left on my phone (I get texts for 3p),! What a saddo! However, I have amazing shoes and am heart attack free, so does that even things out? The Wilma are still in stock, so head over there now before you miss out!


  1. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOP!!! Congrats girl!! I'm so happy you finally got them!

  2. They are pretty amazing! You must be really chuffed to have finally got them.

    Please tell to me sod off if I'm being overly nosy but how do you afford all these shoes and hauls?

  3. I know I'm wanting to whoop with excitement!!

    Alex, I beg, borrow and steal! I'm by no means rich at all and I'm hopeless at saving but what I do have (almost all) goes on clothes, shoes etc which I'm very grateful for. I don't have a car or go out drinking or smoke, so that saves me a lot I guess. I also live at home and although I give my parents something, it's nowhere near what I would be paying for rent in the 'real world' and I don't have a load of bills every month. When I need some extra cash I sell on ebay too.

  4. SO JELOUS! I'm to the point of wanting to cry! Alas, I don't have the money & my boyfriend (who is the one with the credit card) won't buy them for me! But ahhh, so prettttttty!


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