Monday, 8 November 2010

Swatches: Barry M Lip Paints

The weather today is absolutely atrocious-although I'm one of those sad people that find adverse weather conditions rather exciting! It was actually white for a little bit earlier with bad hail and the wind is ridiculous. Anyhow, that makes it really dark and almost impossible for taking decent, realistic images of colour. I stood at the front door though (with the gales and rain) and attempted some shots (and ended up with my cardi up around my neck and in the lipstick swatches!), but eventually managed some better images indoors. The image below is without the flash and the two others are with. I've also included the other 2 lip paints I own as well as the three I bought last week (still no reply regarding the lipstick I wasn't sent). I'm a big fan of Barry M Lipsticks as they provide opaque colour and usually what you see in the tube is what you get on your lips. My only complant is they can be quite drying, depending on the formula.
101 Marshmallow: is a very dry formula and is possibly the palest lipstick shade you can get with just a hint of pale, pale pink, almost white. There is a very, very slight satin finish although it's mainly matte.
147 Peachy Pink: has a similar formula to Topshop Lips, a velvet matte, it's quite a bright peach with a hint of pink.
136 Golden Bronze: is completely different to the others both in the tube and swatched. The stick is pearlised and the finish is definitely glossy, a sheer tan shade.
150 Pink Suede: is a very buildable satin, a rosy brown.
92 Chestnut Red: is another satin with that slight sheen and is a dark reddish, plum.


  1. I was looking for a nice warm, chestnut lipstick for autumn and I may buy this one 92, swatches very well. :)


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