Thursday, 4 November 2010

I Want This...

This post should really be one big long list rather than a single item! Why is it in the run-up to Christmas I see so many things for myself, but have no money for them? I've almost given up hope of ever owning the Senso Wilma boot...Solestruck said it would be next Tuesday until they get another 120 pairs (not a lot considering half the universe wants them), but I got an email today to say some sizes were back in stock along with the glitter Jeffrey Campbell Lita boots-of course they were all sold out by the time I clicked. I already witnessed the Lita selling out yesterday literally in minutes I reckon! Anyway, another pair of shoes came on my radar on Tuesday in Look magazine. These gorgeous nude peep toe sandals from Topshop, priced at a very reasonable £70. They weren't on the site until today, where in reality they were actually £120-hmmm, can't afford that right now.
They look like little chandeliers for your feet with large crystal droplets, pearls and ribbons-the perfect accessory for an LBD methinks! They also come in black, although I prefer the contrast in the nude.


  1. They're a bit bejazzled aren't they. What's with Topshop prices these days anyway?

    Plus, I don't wish to make you ill, but my pink Wilmas should be winging their way across the Atlantic right now! Eek!!!

  2. Make me ill? Ill? I hate you!!! I don't really : ) How the hell did you manage to get them? Well done, will love to see pics when you get them-which size did you order? I feel I'd need a US9 because they say an 8 is only 24cm and I think i would need a little longer than that (I'm anything from a UK 5, 5.5 or 6).

  3. I just bought the black version of the Topshop shoes online. I love shoes but I've never spent that much on one pair (which I didn't need and couldn't afford) before! I hold you responsible for introducing them to me! (Honestly though, I love your blog. I check it every day and I think we have very similar tastes.) I reckon if I get the lace prom dress from the forthcoming Pearl Lowe Peacocks range they'll look perfect with that...

  4. PFB, I love that I made you do that!! They'll look amazing with that lace dress too : )


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