Monday, 15 November 2010

Review: No7 Gentle Foaming Cleanser

I haven't 'properly' reviewed anything for ages. I feel like I've been bombarding you with hauls lately (that's because I have) and I know some of you will like to see that, but some may get a little tired of my constant splurging! I'm feeling very uninspired today though and out of my routine-I think it's because I don't have to check the Peacocks site or Solestruck for my Senso Wilma boots and it's thrown me! My boots by the way were dispatched a few hours after I ordered, so I'm really looking forward to them arriving soon. Oh and Peacocks was dispatched today-hello, gorgeous dresses (pray everything fits me)!
I promised a review of this Gentle Foaming Cleanser ages ago and I've almost finished the bottle now. I've taken to using two cleansers, one for morning and a different one to take my makeup off at night. The No7 Hot Cloth Cleanser you may remember I reviewed (and wasn't entirely impressed with) a few months back is for my morning routine. I wouldn't like using such a product for removing makeup as it involves getting the cloth dirty and the cleanser is sitting on your face rather than washing off the days dirt. So this foaming cleanser is my more preferred method as it does involve water.
Firstly, I like the packaging-it's practical, easy to store, easy to use, no-fuss type of pump bottle. The cleanser looks like water in the bottle but when dispensed turns into foam. No7 suggest applying to a damp face but I found the easiest method was to wet my hand then dispense (one) pump of cleanser and apply that to the face. The other way involves water all over you and dripping hands trying to wrestle with the bottle! I've found one pump is suffice for a day without makeup but I felt I needed another pump on days with makeup. The cleanser just seemed to disintegrate over makeup and I felt I was left with nothing to massage into the skin.
The cleanser simply washes off afterwards. I found it does an excellent job of removing makeup, even although you maybe feel like it's not actually doing anything. My only gripe is it leaves the skin feeling very dry and I have never experienced dryness with any other cleanser before. Unfortunately this would put me off repurchasing, because especially in colder months, my skin is already dehydrated and dry. I can't say it left my skin unbelievably smooth like the Hot Cloth one did, but I'm not particularly expecting that of a cleanser; a moisturiser perhaps. Overall it's a really handy, easy to use cleanser that does it's job, but not for those with dry skin. Available in 150ml pump £7.75 at Boots.

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