Wednesday, 3 November 2010

F&F Couture Collection at Tesco

I had intended to post about this collection the other week when it launched, but with everything that's been happening I didn't get round to it. The F&F Couture collection at Tesco is their second installment and while I wasn't overly keen on the first one, this range has elements that I do like.
The first collection was far too garish for my tastes, the clashing colours, in your face fabrics and prints on what I deemed, unflattering cuts (think billowing 'pantomime' sleeves, baggy trousers and oversized tops). They were things I wouldn't even pay a quarter of the price for. The only redeeming item was the pink Pagoda dress, although I didn't like it's exposed zip. So to be honest I wasn't expecting much from this new 21 piece range, but have been pleasantly surprised. The styling isn't 100% to my tastes and there are still items that I'm not completely sold on, but I could perhaps see that they would appeal to others.
I quite like the printed velvet button dress £110 (below left) with it's structured shoulders, it looks really stunning from the front. I like the contrast of slender black arms paired with flouncy monochrome on the print dress with lace panels £95 (above right) and the lace dress £95 (above left) is lovely, although I would choose to wear something underneath the sheer bodice! Again, the sleeves are great and the hem is fabulous. The outstanding piece though is the panel dress with button detailing £110 (below right). The victoriana buttons and statement structured shoulders are what hit me first, but it's the devore fabric and partly sheer, hitched misshapen hem that I really adore. It's right up my street-I love it.
Obviously I can't comment on the quality of fabrics and structure of the garments without seeing them in person and I think this may discourage some people from purchasing as they are all online exclusives. For the price, I'm guessing a lot of people would prefer to see the quality firsthand before making a purchase. All orders over £50 do qualify for free delivery though and returns by post are 'free' (although £2 will be deducted from your refund to cover the costs), so it's hassle free returns if you don't like it. The couture range comes in sizes 8-18 and is available online now.

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