Tuesday, 18 May 2010

New Rimmel 60 Seconds Nail Polish

My review will be coming soon for the new 123 Looks Mascara, in the meantime, as an official Rimmel VIP (ooh, get me!), I was sent 4 beautiful new shades of Rimmel 60 Seconds nail polish to try. There are 7 new shades in total, instore now, so look out for them. Although I always have painted toes and fingers, I'm on a super, hyper nail frenzy just now; I'm loving all the unusual colours and false nails with leopard and zebra prints or little charms, super kawaii!
So it's no surprise that I'm pretty keen to try these new colours, Rimmel polishes have been a favourite of mine for years. The flat 'Xpress' brush aims to coat nails in 1 second and nails dry in less than a minute, with only one coat needed! Sounds fab! The colours I received are 409 Coral Crush, a bright orange with pink flash and fine shimmer (slightly different consistency to the others, I'm thinking this one will require more than 1 coat). 285 Style Hunter is a darkish dusky browny pink, which I'm sure my Mum will steal from me! 615 Fast & Fuchsia is right up my street, a purpley bright pink and finally 810 Blue My Mind, a stunning bright but dark purple...maybe. This looks to my eyes to be purple, to my camera it is totally blue...I wish I could show you the bottle in my hand and through my camera at the same time, because the difference in colours is very significant. The fact that it's name, which is so cute btw, is 'Blue' makes me think that it must be blue! Maybe I'm going colour blind in my old age, haha!
Anyway, lots of images of them and I'll post reviews once I get the chance to try them. I'm going for the purple/blue first because it looks totally rockin'.

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