Thursday, 8 April 2010

Shopping Loot!

Very quick post with rushed pictures, but I couldn't wait to show you what I purchased today. Popped into Primark expecting to buy nothing and came out with 6 dresses and a brooch. I forgot it was still Easter holidays and it was mayhem in there, with screaming kids-I could've slapped them all! I didn't even bother trying anything on, but thankfully everything fits. I bought this lace dress in grey a while ago and it's so comfortable and cute-I really, really love it. They had peach, pale duck-egg blue and lemon, all ultra pretty and girly, so I got them all. I'm arguing that my hair looks stupid with it, because it's all summery and then wintery on my head, anyway....This floral dress has a really large bow on the waist and I'm nutty about bows. It is fully lined with a net underskirt too. It's slightly more formal. It's tight around my bust unfortunately and I don't even think cutting the lining would allow me to breathe easier, but for £15 or whatever it was, it's not going back. I've gathered quite a few 'I'll slim into them' dresses by now, but maybe one day!These floral tea dresses are flimsier with really nipped in waists which is fabulous for me because my waist is tiny in comparison to the rest of my body. There are cute little sections of black lace on them and they have a very low cut neckline-so a vest or top will be needed underneath.I also got this lizard brooch for £2!I used my Beauty Reward points in Debenhams to get this Lancome Juicy Tube (123 Dot Apricot) for free. I'll swatch it later in the week. It's smaller than the usual size and is to celebrate 10 years of the JT's (exclusive to Debenhams btw). I also got the Harajuku Lovers Sunshine Cuties GWP I was talking about earlier in the week from there and Boots. My sister and I want the full set of Cuties and we now have one full set and 'Love', so four more to go! I also got a couple of 17 pastel coloured nail polishes from Boots which I forgot to photograph.I also managed to miss 2 parcels today which is annoying, especially as the posty watched us leave the house and didn't stop and say 'hey I have parcels for you!'. I got my Shoemissy shoes before I left this morning though and some Mawi earrings I've been eyeing for forever from ASOS arrived later-mega cute. I'll try and take better pics later. I also got a phonecall about my Cloggs order, so I'm hopefully getting the Love Games shoes (yipee). Toodle Loo are still out of stock, so I've asked for the mushroom courts instead. Bit strange as it's the opposite on the site (TL in stock, LG out of stock), so I'm not entirely convinced I'm getting the correct pairs until I see them-can't wait! It was very nice of them to phone and arrange that for me though.

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  1. OMG!!! I want that blue lace dress so bad!!! why oh why do we only have this 1 sucky Primark that doesn't have all the cool stuff :( I've been looking for a blue ace dress for aaaaaages, and every time I kinda find what I want it's gone in my size :(

    Totally gonna try to track it down now lol


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