Thursday, 1 April 2010

River Island Owl Necklace

My gorgeous, beautiful and soooo cute new necklace. It's an owl (we've been debating it, but finally settled with that) with moveable arms and (very long) legs which dance around! She is wearing a gorgeous (real fabric) floral skirt, ankle boots and has a small gem on her top. She holds a big pearl in her hand. I can't believe this is only £6.99, complete bargain! She's a lot bigger than I imagined and the chain is quite long (which I like). I noticed another version on the site today wearing a polka dot outfit (the image is a little strange and doesn't show it well at all), although I prefer mine because florals and pearls are most definitely 'me'! Get yours at River Island.


  1. That kinda freaks me out just a little! I have a bit of a weird "phobia" of animals that look like humans hahahaha...specially werewolves...but the owl-human is up there on my scary list! 0_o

  2. Haha, I know what you mean. Usually I would get pretty freaked out by a human animal. My parents got me a leopard/lady doll thing a few Xmas's ago and I almost cried when I opened it, she freaked me out so much. They knew I didn't like her (she really scares me), but they still have it in the house. In theory I should've liked it, but she's like some scary witch that would jump you! The owl does have super long legs and arms considering she's an owl, but this time I think it's cute.

    I get like that with feather things, they creep me out, like those feather capes and hairbands....I soooo want to like them, but they feel like dead bird to me!

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