Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Interview: The Shoe Girl Pt.2

Here's some more of your questions to 'The Shoe Girl Diaries', more to come later in the week!

How do you decide which pair to wear each day?
Good question...I usually start an outfit with one item, it could be that I want to wear a certain necklace, pair of shoes or bright pink lipstick or something. I then build an outfit around that-it's how I've always done it. Or if I were going shopping that day, I usually try to wear shoes that are easy to take on and off for trying on shoes or clothes-as there's nothing more annoying than spending 10 minutes lacing a pair of boots back up only to take them off again in half an hour. I started writing down the remaining 'unworn' shoes a couple of months ago and this has somewhat influenced my decision making in recent weeks. I'm making sure for example that I wear the more wintery styles before the warmer weather comes.

Where do you buy most of your shoes? Online or do you prefer trying them on in person? I'm a huge fan of internet shopping, it's much easier and more convenient for me. There is of course the disadvantage of sizing issues and I would prefer to try them on in person. I always panic when the parcel arrives that they won't fit! I live in a small town though, so I don't have any big shops at my fingertips, I can't just pop in to try them on-so for the wider choice I prefer online. Some places like Kurt Geiger, Cloggs and ASOS now offer free returns which is fantastic.

What's the most amount you've bought at one time?
Haha, you know me well! I can vividly remember being on a family holiday when I was 17 and I think I bought 4 or 5 pairs in the one shop. The assistant was gobsmacked, "you want them all? All of them?"! I was so nonchalant about it too! I've done this several times since though, I'm not sure of the most...maybe 6 or 7 pairs and it was probably in Matalan. Online I used to go crazy in the asos sale and usually get 4 or 5 pairs and I once ordered 5 pairs from the Faith sale online (it was very exciting to get that massive box delivered).

You have so many pairs of shoes and boots, where on earth do you store them all? Any tips?
Well this is my biggest problem, if I had a massive storage space, there would be no end to my shoe shopping! I have to admit that when I moved back home, my family built a shed to store some of my belongings because I'd amassed so much in 4 years away, oops! I need a room like Mariah, where it's all set out like a shop-although in saying that, if you display shoes on a shelf they do get dusty and I wouldn't like that. You also can't just chuck your shoes under the bed/wardrobe or in a large box because they get ruined, it's not worth it. I've spoken before about these fabulous boxes that I bought in Superdrug a few years back. They are sturdy, perfect for stacking and they have a see through panel so you can see which shoes are inside. You can also pull the front section down and slide your shoes out, so you don't have to pull the box out from the stack. They came in packs of 2 (one larger, one normal) and I went around all the local Superdrugs and bought all the stock they had (they wondered what I was putting in all of these boxes!). I maybe have around 50 or 60 of them, but I can't find them now or online.
So I keep unboxed or tatty box shoes in there. I have 2 huge stacks floor to almost ceiling next to my wardrobe. Then on top of my wardrobe are maybe another 50 pairs and there are piles of boxes in any spare space around my room and of course some older styles in 'the shed'!
I also converted one of my wardrobes into an Irregular Choice shoe closet! How cool? I know! Again they come in boxes that you can stack and they are drawer-like, so you can pull the shoes out without wrecking the whole pile (well sometimes!). There's still quite a bit of IC overspill from that though!
Is it only shoes you're obsessed with or do you buy a lot of clothes too?
If you follow me on Pink Haired Princess, you'll know I'm quite bad for splurging on other things too. I love clothes, jewellery, bags, makeup-anything fashion related. I suppose because I can't get creative and make things like I used to, I have to buy them. I'm always feeling inspired and it can be frustrating if you can't find what you're looking for in the shops. Unfortunately making my own clothes and accessories is out of the picture jut now and that's something I miss terribly. Storage wise, I wish it was "only shoes" I need to find room for! And I'm sure my bank wished it was only shoes, I spend a ridiculous amount on makeup too. My family are 'collector's' though, I guess I get it from them!

How can you wear and walk in high heels all day?
Well I don't wear them all day these days as I tend to either be in the wheelchair or can only walk short distances (nothing shoe related), but I've never had a problem with high heels. Walking in them, is something that's always come naturally to me and actually I'd have a problem wearing flat shoes, even barefoot, I'm on tip-toes! I think it's all about confidence though, you need to "work it". There's nothing worse than someone teetering in heels and they literally can't make it two steps without wobbling, it's embarrassing. If you can't walk in 5" heels, then practice at home and if you still can't, then you need to find a heel height that suits you. There's nothing I can't do in heels, I could run in them, walk all day...I used to walk lots as my family don't have a car and it was never a problem.

What's the highest heel you own?
I'm not totally sure, but I think I have 6" heels with a platform or 5-5 1/2" heels with no platform. I think I've actually become quite lazy because if I wear 4" heels without a platform, my legs ache but 5 1/2" with a platform are a breeze!

Do you ever wear flats?
Nope! I don't actually think I own any anymore. I think my foot looks odd when it's in flat shoes, it looks huge, maybe just because I'm so used to only seeing the tips of my toes on the ground.

Would you ever wear....wait for it....Crocs?
Aaaaaagh, no! Never! My Mum has them (perhaps I'm adopted?) and my little nephew lives in his. I think they can be quite cute for kids, but they're just so rounded and ugly that I would never, ever wear them myself. What ould you wear them with, a floral dress? Oh No! I also hate Uggs...sorry folks! I think they are on a par with Crocs in ugly terms, they're gross. And I especially hate those crappy "knitted" imitations for £6 in Primark or whatever, gross. They're called "ug" for a reason you know! I blame Pamela Anderson for starting that craze, although she totally rocked them on the set of Baywatch like nobody else could. And when you see celebrities on set in a gorgeous designer dress with Uggs on for comfort, oh God it creeps me out...and they're so expensive too-why would you want to part with that amount of cash for something so?...euch, I could go on for hours about it!

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