Saturday, 3 April 2010

Review: No7 Extreme Length Mascara

See the previous post for my review of No7 Extravagant Lashes which I wore on one eye yesterday along with No7 Extreme Length on the other. This mascara comes with a super slim plastic bristle brush which is designed to build without clumping (before and after pics first).
The brush is perfect for reaching inner and outer corner lashes and can also be used on lower lashes, which was impossible for Extravagant Lashes. The image below illustrates how it really picks up every lash. The brush grabs a hold of the lashes and you can feel yourself tugging it through (it's slightly flexible), such a difference to the 'wet glide' technique on my other eye! I much prefer this as you're in control of how much and where you apply. The mascara isn't as wet, so doesn't take any time to dry. The brush already combs through lashes so further combing after application isn't really required, although if your were really piling on the mascara, I think you would need it.
I felt I had more lashes and they were fluffy and fluttery looking rather than spiky (which I felt didn't really come across well in photos). There isn't much volumising of each lash, but because it coats every single lash, your lashes altogether look much fuller and you definitely notice a difference in length. The only downside is some people may find the brush slightly irritating. It does take time to get used to using a plastic brush, especially if you are really working the brush into the roots. It can feel slightly scratchy. The image below shows the huge difference compared to Extravagant Lashes in which the mascara was all over the eyelid.
Some (freaky looking) side by side comparisons. I actually think Extravagant Lashes looks quite nice from the side view of the first image, however you really notice the difference when you compare straight on, much fuller with Extreme Length. To summarise, this product does what it says, it's a great everyday mascara and one of my favourite from No7.


  1. This is my FAVOURITE mascara - I love it so much - I'm so glad you liked it, it really does make a huge impact on your lashes.

    I'm super glad you love it too, you can check out my post about it if you fancy:


    1. Wow this is an old post. Forgot about this mascara, it was great! Glad you like it too x


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