Friday, 2 April 2010

Review: No7 Extravagant Lashes Mascara

Click to find my original post of the entire No7 Mascara range with brief descriptions and photos of the brushes. Today I'm looking at and reviewing and comparing Extreme Length and the newest addition Extravagant Lashes.
My bare lashes (above) are short, sparse and in serious need of volumising, curling, lengthening and whatever else mascara does! I've only worn a little white eyeliner (on lower waterline), so you can really see how these mascaras work without the fussy eyeshadow and lashings of black eyeliner (that I usually wear).
I'll start with Extravagant Lashes £11.50; which if you read the full No7 post, will know I'm not overly keen on. The brush is huge and you can see here compared to my eye, it's just completely out of proportion, it's ridiculous. The actual mascara is very black and glossy which is suited to it's purpose of providing "show-girl lashes", however when combined with this brush it means lashes are saturated in gloopy mascara with only one swipe. There is just so much liquid on the brush because of it's strange disc shaped design. This clumps the lashes into groups that you could probably count on one hand. I think because there is such a large distance between the discs on the brush, the lashes automatically group into the same pattern as the brush.
You'll find you need to allow extra time for your lashes to dry because they are so wet and it's very easy to smudge them during this time. You'll also see a lot of mascara ends up around the eye area and on the eyelid rather than the lashes. I did not apply this to my lower lashes as it would result in serious panda eyes and/or poking my eye out! Corner lashes are not picked up with this brush or coated at all. Even after trying to comb lashes, I couldn't get a better result, the lashes still wanted to sit in the clumped groups because they are so mascara sodden. I couldn't see this being a good mascara to build up, I didn't even bother to try.
Overall I think this is No7's poorest mascara. I'm not sure how or who they thought it would work for. If I was to try and pick up something positive, I'd say it does lift the lashes outward from the eye, creating a more wide eyed look which is something it claims to do. It also claims "unbeatable volume and curl" (up to 7 times more volume and 8 hours curl) which I actually think you could beat. My lashes only looked thicker because they were 'grouped' together and overall this actually made them look more sparse than before. It is supposed to have "amazing memory polymer ingredient which sets your lashes in place", perhaps, but only once you've waited a good while until it dries! I didn't feel I had "flirty and fluttery" lashes, they felt rigid and looked coated in mascara, whereas I would prefer a dramatic look that is still natural looking. I'd definitely skip this one (I wish I could get my money back) and I don't know why they changed the previous formula of Extravagant Lashes because that worked 10 times better than this!

*update* Some side by side comparisions with Extreme Length (review in next post). I actually found Extravagant Lashes wore better throughout the day. By night-time my lashes looked quite nice and it really held the curl, so not as terrible as I first thought, but still not good enough to purchase again.

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