Saturday, 3 April 2010

McQueen vs Irregular Choice

It's Easter time and I just love all the pretty pastel colours that around just now. Yesterday I wore this dress (shown in the background), which remains my favourite ever item from the Be Beau range at Matalan. The beautiful Monet style print always makes me smile and I couldn't decide which shoes to wear with it. It was between these outrageously cute Irregular Choice boots or mint green Alexander McQueen courts. If you follow The Shoe Girl Diaries, you'll know I picked the boots. I thought they were more practical for the still slightly colder weather. I took some pics of both shoes because they are just so stunning. The reason I love the latest Irregular Choice collection so much is because it harks back to the older styles like these boots that I adored. Just look at the detailing of the little gems stitched on and the inside with my favourite print, the pink poodles. Nobody else makes footwear like this!


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  2. Goooooooorgeous shoes! Both of em! IC should do more shoes with poodles on them...but not on the inside lol

    I ended up ordering those JC shoes bad of me haha but I couldn't resist!
    I have all my dresses hanging around our bedroom and I kept thinking 'those shoes would go with that dress, and that dress, and that dress...actually with all the dresses!' so I figured those shoes are meant to be mine, the dresses choose them haha ;)

    I also decided to send the Darling dress back, I've ordered the skirt instead. The dress really was a bit tight on top, but I adore the horses so I thought the skirt would be a better bet :) I got it from a bit of a strange webshop though so I hope it will be ok...they said their shippingcost is GBP3,95 at all didn't change when I went to order but I keep thinking it must be a mistake lol it's this one:

    seems to be ok though...we'll see :) I had to pay with PayPal so I can always make them give my money back hehe

    Have you decided which shoes you're gonna get from Asos?

    Hope you had a nice Easter! :)

  3. Glad you got the shoes. If you feel they would go with half your wardrobe then they were worth it!

    I ordered the lilac/black heart VW's, should get them today.

    The Darling skirt is gorgeous, I think I may even like it better than the dress anyway. I wonder if I could squeeze my hips into the skirt? Probably not, but I just love the horses.

    IC should definitely do more poodles. I have the ankle boots with poodle print and I reckon they are probably my favourite ever IC pair. Hope you had a great Easter too....I feel quite sick (too many chocolate eggs, cakes etc)


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