Friday, 23 April 2010

River Island Design Forum: Yummy Shoes

I saw these turquoise sandals (£84.99) in Look magazine earlier in the year and sad as I am, I have been totally lusting after them for months. I've been obsessed with checking the website to no avail and was about to give up all hope when they appeared last weekend. Hurrah! They're from River Island and by the Design Forum which is an initiative set up by RI who commission fashion students to design real items that will be sold in their stores under the Design Forum label. From the items I've seen, it's an amazing idea that's working well, the shoes especially are unique, quirky and look top quality. This specific shoe range come courtesy of Sophia Grace, who's already won The Browns Shoe Competition and is obviously set for big things. I would absolutely love Sophia designing for me, she's got an eye for making footwear that I didn't even know I wanted until I see them and that I fall 100% in love with, there's not a single thing about them I'd change. She even makes flat shoes desirable and you know I never wear flats!
I was a little undecided with which colour to purchase, but finally decided on the turquoise seeing as they were the pair I first spotted. I ordered them this morning and can't wait for them to arrive. I also really, really want this style (above); a cream peep toe ankle boot with stripes and bow, £74.99. However, I'm trying to not go too crazy at the first sight of some cash (even if it means I have to pay postage for separate orders), so they'll have to wait for now. Are you as in love with this new collection as I am?


  1. hmmm I do like the look of them, but I would never wear them because of the heel on em...craziness! I'm not that keen on stiletto style heels anyway (probably the only person on earth who thinks this way lol), I much prefer a chunky heel and not only because they're more comfortable to walk in but I just like the look more ;)
    I am a sucker for turquoise though so that was deff a good choice!
    I do think River Island need to seriously get their act together...they're probably the only high street store with an online shop that DOESN'T ship outside the UK! Such a missed opportunity, and kinda plain stupid really!

  2. Ahhh, that's why you must love IC because they rarely do a skinny heel! I'm hoping to get the stripey pair next week, probably silly ordering twice but I couldn't risk the turquoise pair selling out!

    The RI website drives me mad, I hate the style of it, you can't post links (because it's all flash-player and opens in a seprate window) and their descriptions and images are usually pretty useless. You never get a great idea of how something looks just from the one photo I don't think. I didn't realise they didn't ship internationally-definitely a missed opportunity.


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