Thursday, 22 April 2010

Jewellery Storage Solution!

I've always been someone who adores jewellery. Undoubtedly it's due to my magpie like characteristic of a fondness for anything that sparkles and twinkles. When I was 12, a boy at school nicknamed me 'kooky' due to the huge sparkly rings that adorned my fingers (at that time nobody wore costume jewellery at that age and especially not to school). I try and regularly go through my stash and donate the stuff I don't wear anymore to charity or throw the rubbish in the bin. The other night I decided to do something about the ever growing bundle of pieces lying around my room and the issue that so many of my rings are stored all over the house-I want them altogether in one place. The images above show maybe a third of my collection, before I starting organising.
I got this stunning box a few Christmas's ago. It's padded pink leather with a satin dress and shoe design on the front and large mirror in the lid. It has keys and a lock, which I haven't seen on a jewellery box for years! It's actually supposed to hold cosmetics as the tray contain the words 'lots of lipsticks, eyeshadows, pencils', but I thought it perfect for my rings. Inside is a tray which is split into 6 sections and in the base the box is split in half (I've popped some necklaces in for now that were lying around). So a few days ago I made it my project to organise my rings into this box. Here's what the finished collection looks like. I tried to be somewhat methodical.
Below; this is a random-ish row. My good friend gave me the Playboy ring years and years ago and although Playboy stuff used to be well-made (nowadays I think the clothes/shoes etc are tacky as hell), but I like this ring. She also brought me back the pearl ring next to it from a trip abroad and I adore it. It fits like a dream and is so comfortable to wear and very unique. The other is my Topshop unicorn ring (love you) and a Virgin Vie ring, an oval shape with beautiful blue stone.
Next some flower rings. My Mum started buying me these before they became uber trendy, although I love that you can now go into any high-street store and pick up a huge flower for your finger!
Another random row with my Topshop swan and giraffe rings, a massive pearl ring from Primark and an old ASOS teal ring with little chains that hang from it (I've worn this so many times over the years).
More flower rings including this silver one, which I wear at the top of my finger. I bought it too small for this purpose-can't brag enough about how much I love wearing it. Always feel a little rock-chick when I'm wearing it.
Now onto my bigger rings. It's funny how older 'big rings' are now modest in comparison to todays big rings. When it comes to jewellery I love cameos, pearls, kitsch, sparkles and usually the bigger the better-I look utterly ridiculous in small band rings (potential fiance beware). I would honestly not marry someone who bought me a tiny ring and that's nothing to do with price-they just wouldn't know me very well if they thought I would like that. I'd much rather have an inexpensive sparkler than an expensive diamond the size of a grain of sand.
My newest addition is the pewter flower ring from Dorothy Perkins (bottom right) which I got for under £2! I had no idea it was this huge, but was very excited when it arrived. Next to that is my Topshop ring that I got for £1 that I showed you a few months ago. It's very weighty, but stunning. Gold flower, black flower and purple oval Matalan, jewelled oval and 2 pearl ovals Primark, bright pink cameo Miss Selfridge, black oblong Virgin Vie and rest ASOS). The one that looks like a My Little pony is from my sister which she bought in a boutique in Glasgow I think. I wish I knew the brand. It is honestly the comfiest ring ever, it looks like a napkin ring as the actual band is flat so fits well between your fingers. I fell in love with this the second she gave it to me, it's so pretty. Look at the pearl ring and a more recent version-that's how much rings have changed in a couple of years. It's now acceptable to wear a ring that covers most of your hand!
The final section is mostly filled with items I don't wear as often. The bottom row in the middle are my 2 fake engagement rings! I always wear them on that finger and although they're both from Claire's Accessories, they make me feel a million dollars because they catch the light and sparkle! I had a fake engagement ring at Uni that I bought at Disney Land (it's not shown here, it was a 'gold' band with lots of little 'diamonds' piled on top of each other in a diamond shape) and I used to fool so many people with it. One group of guys told my friends that obviously I was dating a very rich man that could afford such a large diamond ring! Yep, I spent a whole £20 on that one!
My Granny gave me loads of rings last year (some shown below) and the other ring I bought in a local boutique and I think it's Mary on it.
So there you have it. I'm very happy with my new ring storage although I have remembered one ring that I can't find and it's driving me nuts now. I have no idea where it is, but when I find it, it will be added to my collection!


  1. Wow, your ring collection is AHHHHmazing! <3


  2. Thank you Gayle, rings are definitely one of my weaknesses!

  3. wow!!... what a beautiful collection :)

  4. I Love your rings!!!!
    the unicorn is so cute!!
    so sad that top shop sold out
    I only got the gold one.....


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