Tuesday, 27 April 2010

My New River Island Design Forum Shoes!

My utterly gorgeous new shoes, which I photographed the minute they arrived! The best part about them is how thought out the design process has been. I find these days all too often, designers forget about how the wearer will actually get the shoe on. However the little details on this shoe, like the 'real' adjustable buckle and elasticated section, mean you have no problems. It doesn't affect the design of the shoe either, but it makes the wearers life that much easier. I wasn't expecting the cute matching leopard print inside the shoe, it's adorable-I love shoes that are just as pretty inside as out. The leather is buttery soft and I thought the heel would just be painted leopard print but it isn't. They look tiny and are such a flattering fit. River Island are pretty terrible when it comes to online photos, they only show you one view, so hopefully I've captured every aspect of this shoe (click photos to enlarge). I'm now totally obsessed with the designer Sophia Grace Webster-do you think she'd become my on-call, personal shoe designer? Heehee!


  1. Hiya random question... if you still have the shoes in good enough condition to see (I know this was posted a while ago) would you be able to tell me what country these shoes are made in.

    Sorry to be a pain but I'm doing a mini project on Design Forum and can't find out anywhere!

    Thanx x


  2. Hi Eva,
    I checked the shoes today and they were made in Brazil. The ankle boot pair I have http://pinkhairedprincess.blogspot.com/2010/05/river-island-design-forum-shoes-by.html are made in China. Both pairs are designed by Sophia Grace-a UK footwear designer. Hope this helps, good luck with the project!

  3. Thank you! you are a lifesaver! x

  4. OMG!!! These are too freakin cute!!! What I wouldnt do to get my hands on these


  5. Gorgeous! Could you tell me if they're true to size?

  6. Gorgeous! Could you tell me if they're true to size?


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