Thursday, 22 April 2010

Review: No7 Lash 360 Masara

In the next installment of reviews of No7 mascara, meet Lash 360 £12, which is designed to give up to 7 times more volume to every single lash. See my original complete guide to No7 mascara post for the brush type. It's quite bushy, fluffy and misshapen-it wasn't the worst brush I've ever come across, but I wasn't entirely convinced by it either.
The first image, as always, shows my eye without makeup to give you an idea of how this mascara works. The image below shows after application without combing through lashes with a lash-comb. Then the images below that show the combed lashes.
I feel I don't have much to say on this mascara, it performed ok, but didn't amaze me. It did manage to reach the corner and smaller lashes, but you can see it did clump very slightly, so it's best to comb through afterwards. I didn't think it held the curl very well, although I used this mascara yesterday again and it seemed to work better. I felt I had to really work to get anything near the look I wanted though-it didn't just glide on to give me 'wow lashes'. I'm not convinced it gave me 7x more volume, it didn't give any length that I noticed. Overall verdict is that it's a good everyday mascara if you aren't looking for a big impact. It's not one I'd reach for often though or buy again. Below compared to No7 Full Impact

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