Tuesday, 6 April 2010

My Hauls

You would think I'd won the lottery the way I've been spending money lately. The worst thing about ordering online though is waiting for parcels to arrive (especially with Easter weekend). I got my lovely lilac/black heart Lady Dragon shoes today from ASOS. I'll try and take pictures later in the week. I also ordered a cute horse cameo necklace and the most stunning Mango ring. I ordered 'large' and it doesn't fit any of my fingers. It's really massive so not the type I could get away with on my pinky and that's the only finger it fits. It's too heavy to be worn further up the finger or I would've done that. I've always had quite large fingers, 'man hands', but this ring must be super small. I don't even want to send it back, because it's so beautiful, but it's silly to keep it.
I ordered these Shoemissy leopard print shoes from SpoiledBrat last night. My Mum spotted a couple of tops in Dorothy Perkins she liked and knew I'd have a discount code, so she got me to order them. To get free shipping, I decided to get a couple more things too (remember I just ordered last week?). I buckled and got this dress that I took out of my basket last time. I also got this pretty cardi with little pearls all over it, perfect for more summery weather. I'm returning the green floral dress I got last time as it didn't do anything for me (think you're supposed to have small boobs for it).
I ordered another flowery dress from Tesco along with this Luella alike one. I was waiting to get the Matalan one, then saw this and think I maybe prefer it anyway. Only £22!
I also got this Barbie vest, eiffel tower necklace and flamingo pearl bracelet from Miss Selfridge.
I got this Aurelia camera bag for my sister as it's her birthday next week. It's by Irregular Choice and totally gorgeous-I hope she likes it.
From MAC today, I've ordered Ever Hip, Blooming Lovely and Peachstock lipsticks (finally agreed that Gladiola is too similar to warrant getting Petals & Peacocks too), Frankly Fresh lipglass (actually wanted all of these, but settled with this one), Bough Grey and Birds & Berries eyeshadows, Shell Pearl Beauty Powder (already got Summer Rose) and Prim & Proper Blush (it's £16.50 and I really don't need another blusher, but thought I'd regret not getting it). Anyone else been hauling like crazy?


  1. woooowwww lots of shopping going on! Haha! I haven't been hauling like crazy...well just a little with the Jeffrey Campbell wedges of course, it's driving me a bit mad that I have to wait till mid/the end of May to get them btw! 0_o

    I did go to Primark today...we only have 1 (yes ONE) Primark in the whole of The Netherlands...it happens to be in the city I live in though so that's a bit of a plus. But it sucked...me and my friend wanted to go early to beat the crowds so she slept over...but going to bed on time didn't really occur to us lol so getting up on time went out the window which meant it was crazy, CRAZY busy by the time we got to the Primark...didn't get much...just a few undies and some basic tops...all very boring stuff, spent a whopping €14,50 hahaha

    Your hair...I would go back to the pink. I kinda see how you would feel the pink is more natural on you because the pink just suits your skin tone really well! I did like the very light pink the most but if it's too much hassle it's not really worth it right! Seems mums aren't always right after all! Who knew!?

  2. oh...I just went to the IC webshop...I must have those new Patty ones! Lucky they're out of stock at the moment else I might have been tempted lol!

  3. Marlein, I would go crazy having to wait another month for your shoes : (

    Shame Primark was rubbish, I went crazy in there today. They had loads of lovely new dresses. I got a grey lace one a while ago and they now have it in peach, lemon and pale duck egg blue-so I got them all. There was a black dress with lemon and grey flowers and huge bow at the waist and then 2 floral tea dresses with little lace sections, so I got them too (blue and black). I wasn't supposed to be buying anything though-had to borrow from Mum!

    I don't have the same hatred for my hair I did at the beginning of the week. It's nice to be able to play around with it, but I definitely will be going back to pink as soon as I can (don't want my hair to fall out by doing it now!). Hope you're well x


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