Wednesday, 7 April 2010

My Day

I'm still not liking my hair. It's not quite the same hatred I had for it yesterday though. The changes to my makeup are so exciting, I love getting to wear things that I couldn't before, especially darkish brown lippies which I've always been a fan of. Today, I really wanted NYX Rea lippie to be the focal point and I just added some white eyeshadow, lots of eyeliner and beautiful Fleurry blush by MAC.I got lots of my parcels yesterday evening. The Dorothy Perkins dress is a little tight around the bust and quite big everywhere else (story of my life) but really pretty. The pearl cardi is flimsier than I expected, but fits well. The Barbie vest from Miss Selfridge actually fitted me, ridiculous as I have huge boobs and it's only a size 16, yet the size 20 DP dress was tight?! The Florence+Fred Luella style dress is okish, doesn't really 'do' anything for me, but I'm still keeping it. Think it will look better with a cardi. The other floral one (size 18) is lovely, but the armholes (it's sleeveless) are huge and you can see my bra underneath-so it's another 'wear with cardi dress'.I sent back the Mango ring from ASOS as it was never going to work, as beautiful as it was. I dread to imagine the size the small or medium would be, because if your fingers were thin enough, they wouldn't be able to carry the weight of such a heavy ring! My little sis has baby sized hands (her biggest finger is the same size as my pinky) and it looked ridiculous (and just fitted her).So I'm still waiting on the Irregular Choice camera bag, MAC order (did you see the Liberty scarf btw? It's £82....freakin' £82, ridiculous) and my Shoemissy shoes from Spoiled Brat. Speaking of shoes, I almost cried today...remember the fantastic deal when I bought 3 pairs of Irregular Choice from Cloggs on a 3 for 2? I sent back 2 pairs for bigger sizes, both of which have now sold out. I returned them a week ago and it still hasn't been dealt with (probably due to the Easter break). I wasn't so disappointed with the Toodle Loo, and so could've swapped them for a completely different style, but the Love Games were the whole reason I made the purchase in the first place. I wouldn't have kept the yellow Rocko had I known I would be buying just them (as there are many other IC's that I love more from other sites and I only got them because of the 3 for 2 offer). I'm gutted that I can't get Love Games, absolutely gutted. I just hope they get a return of a size 6 at the same time they deal with my return (fingers crossed).


  1. hi hun ahhhhhh i LOVE your hair its gorjuz honestly im totally digging this colour! and YAYY thats great u get to play around with some new shades of makeup now! oh and grr damn sizes i hate that in one shop your a 14 the next shop your a 20 lol they should really do something about that!i say make the sizes the same world wide!

  2. Skye thank you!! I'm getting used to it...still not totally convinced though. Yes the sizing in shops really needs a shake up, goes for bra sizing and shoes too!


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