Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Do You Dare Go Pale?

You may remember back in February, I wrote about the new pastel shades of nail polish from the Boots 17 range. I was disappointed when they 'launched' because the store I went to didn't have any of them! I saw them last week but was in a rush so didn't buy them. The green, lemon and lilac stood out to me though. They are quite dusky colours which really appealed. My only issue is that I don't actually suit lightish colours on my nails. Although in saying that, I was obsessed with pastel nails when I was a teenager and had all those types of colours, lemon, pale mint green, lilac, baby pink and blue. My mates thought I was crazy!
Barry M are also going pale this spring with the launch of 4 new shades (shown here complimenting last years amazing Mint Green). 306 Blueberry Ice Cream, 307 Lemon Ice Cream, 308 Berry Ice Cream and 309 Strawberry Ice Cream all look totally luscious. The shades are already available from their website and will be instore early next month. I think I'm going to wait and see if they go on offer in Boots and snap up the blue, purple and yellow. I really love the BM nail paints, they are also fantastic value for money.


  1. I've ordered the 4 pastels from Barry M...can't wait to get em! Ordered the Mint Green and Cobalt blue as well, couldn't resist! Can't wait to see them! Particularly excited about the lilac and yellow ones! :D

    I just saw your post about Helen Rochfort (at the bottom of your post under the "you might also like" thingy)...I've only known your blog for a little while but it's so crazy how much stuff you like that I like! LOL...I actually have a Helen Rochfort bag...the "eat me, drink me" one with the cupcake. I adore it! I got it in the beginning of winter but I haven't actually worn it out yet as I'm totally paranoid about it getting wet/ruined. Did you ever get the bag you wanted? They're soooo fab! The one you liked is tiny bit more expensive then the one I have though lol and I thought mine as already pretty pricey :P

  2. Ooh fabby. I was going to just order from Barry M online, but thought they'll probably do some sort of offer in Boots or Superdrug anyway and they should be available next week.

    I LOVE HR bags. I never got the doll one unfortunately : ( It is more expensive than the others and I already own the ruby slippers and black guitar bags, so thought it was maybe a bit naughty to buy it for myself. I still love it though! I don't actually get to use the bags as much as I would like. They are quite heavy and if I'm going shopping I tend to just grab a large clutch bag, so I can stuff everything in it.


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