Thursday, 30 October 2008

Winter Wardrobe List

I have a fashion shopping list running around in my head at the moment. As we head (freezing toes first) into winter, I'm finding there's a few things missing from my wardrobe. I'm going to write them down here, so I can remember them (although I have a feeling I've forgotten some already).

1) Winter coat, possibly even a really substantial chunky cardi. I do have this Primark one in mind or spotted some decent cardigans in H&M. Has to be cream or grey or something neutral that would go with black, brown and blue.

2) Long black leggings. All my leggings stop below the knee, I want ankle length ones, that preferably are too long, so scrunch up a little at the bottom. *update* I found the perfect pair in MKOne for £6, bargain!
3)Lace tights. This season it's all about tights. I have a plethora of bright colours, but what I really want is black floral/lace patterned tights. I think I may have spotted a pair at New Look, so will have to investigate.
4)Metallic leggings, again these have to be long. *update* I got the most gorgeous pair of black metallic, wet-look long leggings from ASOS today. I had a £5 off code and went to buy them yesterday and they didn't have my size. I kept checking though and 5 minutes later they had them, so I quickly bought them. They arrived today and I'm rocking them already...I don't think I ever want to take these off!
5)Sequin leggings (above Day Birger et Mikkelsen £165, below Les Chiffoniers £405 both Net-a-Porter). I saw the most gorgeous pair of Topshop blue sequin leggings on Queen Michelle at Kingdom of Style. They looked amazing on her, my problem is-I'm on the wrong side of a size 8 (ahem!), so I was unsure about purchasing online without seeing if it was going to work on me first. Of course they sold out uber quick and my nearest Topshop only seem to sell vests and jeans, so I may be out of luck. Primark, hear my plea and get some in please!
6)This next item, I'm not exactly sure what I want. I would love to wear a skinny polo-neck under more summery dresses and tops to make them suitable for winter. However, I majorly hate anything up to my neck. Last year I tried one on and was hyperventilating in the changing room, not good! So I need some sort of long-sleeved top, but the neckline has to be versatile enough that it will go with the varying necklines of my dresses...this is where it gets troublesome and why polo-necks work so well, because they look good with everything.

7)Gold chain necklaces; I love the Givenchy look of an all black outfit with piles of gold chains. It's a little chavvy, but hopefully fashionable and tasteful if done right. I spotted a copycat outfit in Look this week (necklace £12 Peacocks) and actually it looked great.

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