Friday, 10 October 2008

C2000 Glam Crystals + Dazzle Me!

My sister is the complete opposite of me when it comes to make-up. She's happy with a bit of mascara every day and some glitter at Christmas time. She can't understand how I can own a million lipsticks that to her all look the same or how I can get so excited over a new product launch or the packaging of a compact! She is great however, at being my little helper and finding all the latest beauty bargains on the high-street when it's difficult for me to get out and about.

One such instance is that Collection 2000 have added 3 new shades to their Dazzle Me! loose eyeshadows and 3 new colours of Glam Crystal, glitter gel liner. I need to work out which Dazzle Me! I have before purchasing any more as I feel like I've lost track of them a bit recently. I think the new colours are a peachy gold, silver and (yet another) green. I think I may pick up some more, although if I'm honest I find loose powder a bit of a fiddle and don't use them as much as pressed eyeshadows. There are some great tutorials on YouTube with the Dazzle Me! though if you are looking for inspiration.
The Glam Crystals however, I am a huge fan of. I can't understand how people can knock the quality of C2000 when these liners are better than Too Faced or Urban Decay glitter liner (and at a fraction of the price). The initial colours (at Christmas time) were green, silver and gold, then new colours were introduced (shown above) earlier this summer (I'm actually wearing Hustle today). The most recent colours are black and hot pink and my sister can't remember the other! So she's picking me up the black and pink from Superdrug where they have £1 off (also £1 off Dazzle Me!) and taking a good look at the other (which I'll probably get too)! I really hope C2000 continue to add more and more to this range because as I've said they are superb quality and at a bargain price. They are mega sparkly, stay put all day and the glitter particles don't fall out. Dazzle Me! and Glam Crystals are £2.99 each.

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  1. You may be pleased to know that currently there is not £1 but TWO whole pounds off of the Dazzle me and glam crystals!! So in Superdrug they are under £2 per pot! (Yes. I am sad. I need 1 more to complete the set and I have also lost one!)


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