Monday, 13 October 2008

Irregular Choice A/W Pt. 3

Alphabite and Graphic Geek £50-65
This short lace-up shoe boot style comes in a split toe or non-split toe version (you'll have to shop around to find your preference). I have spotted plain suede styles in black or teal, the floral and suede style in green, purple or red (shown) and the stars and stripes in black/white (shown), blue/pink or white/turquoise (as shown in the promotional images for IC A/W, but yet to appear instore anywhere). The names of this style vary between retailers, but I think Alphabite are not split-toe and GG are split-toe. I really like this style, I think they are not too expensive and you'll really get a lot of wear out of them. I saw the plain split-toe suede pairs in Office last week and they are incredibly soft.
Cut That £72.50 and Scissorhands £75
This is a very unique style. A pleated effect along the sides of the shoes, which is flush on the outer side and high sided at the other. Available in turquoise or black, Scissorhands are split toe, Cut That are non.

Flick Flack and Checkmarks £60-£69.50
Another style that is available in split-toe (Checkmarks) or non (Flick flack). Great versatile style, patent with fabric front which can be folded over to reveal another print. If you look closely there are cute buttons along the side and detail on the heel. Available in burgandy and green too (although the green sold out quickly).
High Horses £64.99-£82
This is really innovative and something I've actually been looking for, for sometime. Court shoes (available in split toe or non) with felt detachable leg spatz. There is a velcro fastening on the sole of the shoe where the spatz attaches. Of course you could also mix it up with your own shoes too. Available in black or red and beautiful turquoise (so far only at Phutwear, sold out in all sizes apart from 8)

Spit Spot £180
A knee high boot, almost a modification of last years It's a Wrap. This style looked great in the promo pics, it features brogue detailing, stacked heel and buttons. Expensive, so definitely an investment piece, so far only available in brown (although I've seen pics of them in black, so that may be available soon).

Irregular Choice Autumn/Winter styles are available from Irregular Choice, Schuh, Phutwear, DR Shoes, Elle Moda, Office, Asos and Purple Oval.

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