Friday, 10 October 2008

Shopping and Selling

I've been on a bit of a spending spree lately, although I don't feel like I've bought tonnes, I've spent a lot. There was the huge MAC order last week (which has arrived, hopefully pictures to follow this weekend). Plus my shopping trip on Wednesday resulted in a floral tea dress from H&M and from Primark; 3 seamless vests (amazing quality for £3 each) in hot pink, cobalt and black. Two pairs of trousers (just comfy ones for wearing around the house), three jersey dresses with embroidered bib and hem detail (black, brown and dark petrol) and a bright green shift with cream band around the hem and oversized cream bow on the front. I was actually really hacked off in Primark as they had rails and rails of stuff only in size 8's or some 10's, it was so hard to pick up bigger sizes.

I also spotted a gorgeous little bright turquoise jacket, some cute fitted zebra-print cardi's (black/white or green/black) and a grey coat that I wasn't overly keen on but wanted purely for the huge sparkly brooch adorning it!

Mum wouldn't let me upstairs to the accessories incase I spotted shoes! I've been banned from buying any more, so I'll have to be sneaky (although she already thinks I sneak new purchases past her).

So this weekend I'm having a massive clear-out. I already started on the wardrobes yesterday, so it's the shoes next. I'm going to sell a lot of them on eBay as they are in good condition, probably only worn once, so hopefully that will make some room and earn some pennies at the same time!

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