Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Britney & Brains

I've developed a rather strange morning routine lately. I do the usual get up, dressed, washed etc etc. Then I switch on the computer and sit down with my breakfast while I read my emails. Not so strange so far. However I now have this overwhelming desire every morning (yes,I can't wait to wake up to do this!!), to play Mahjong whilst listening non-stop to the new Britney song Womanizer (love it!) via her website britney.com

I do this every morning, without fail. Sometimes it can take ten minutes, or an hour, or two, because I like to play until I win. My sister is wondering when I will tire of Womanizer (I tend to do this quickly with songs, because when I like them I play them so obsessively it then starts to annoy me). She's also wondering when I'll get fed up of playing Mahjong (me having never been the type of person that enjoys games). I love it when I win and the past couple of days I've been struggling and haven't won at all. Today I got up and won the first time, which left me strangely disappointed as I felt I didn't have to try and think very hard to win and my morning routine was over. Oh well, lets hope it takes a little longer for me to win tomorrow! Britney and Mahjong, bet you never thought you'd hear that together.

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