Monday, 27 October 2008

Another busy eBay weekend

Last weekend I was busy listing lots of shoes on eBay and this weekend a lot of the bidding ended. I've been parcelling up like crazy and have a mountain of packages waiting for the Post Office!

There have been many, many bargains had. Some shoes have gone for as little as 99p, but I figure if I was to throw them out or take them to charity, I wouldn't get anything for them, so 99p is better than nothing. I do feel good that I've managed to clear lots of clutter from my room and even better that I've met my target and can purchase some IC Kitty Princesses! Not being able to work and earn my own money, means I wouldn't have otherwise been able to afford such luxuries.

If you are still interested in some beautiful shoes, then there are many styles available. I accept Paypal, so will post worldwide. There are some funky ASOS mink, fringe shoe-boots (above), BNIB. Plus a spectacular pair of Shoemissy glitter peep-toes, with rosettes on them (below). They are a fabulous style that are no longer available and are BNIB. Unfortunately they were too small for me...yep, I'm gutted. Click here to see what's available.

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