Thursday, 2 October 2008

Pink 'America' Boots

Wow, how Agyness Deyn are these babies? I know Doc Martens are all the rage again, but having remembered them the first time round (my sister wore them with everything, including her evening gown for the school ball!) and the fact that I don't wear flat shoes or boots, then this Topshop high heeled pair (called 'America' and also available in colours below) are the best thing for me. If they weren't £85 I would've bought them already (in pink, of course).

I remember the days when Topshop shoes were really affordable, but now they seem to charge crazy prices for what should be a high street brand. I think the following of Fearne Cotton, the Geldof girls, Kate Moss, Alexa Chung et al saying 'ooh I'm so cool, I shop in high street store Topshop (how bargain friendly am I?)' has taken over and now TS think they can charge boutique prices for their stuff. Well it's alright if you're on the wage packet of the aforementioned girls, but the rest of us want high-street shops selling affordable fashion. I've lost count of the amount of gorgeous shoes I've seen in Topshop, but wouldn't shell out upwards of £65 on each pair that I'll probably only wear a few times. It's not just Topshop either, I think River Island overprice their shoes and Oasis and Warehouse are guilty of upping their prices recently. Or maybe it's just me and the rise of cheap-cheap stores like Primark, Matalan, Peacocks etc making the others look bad. Let me know what you think, leave a comment below. I still want the pink boots though!

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