Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Patricia Field Clutch Agony

So I went online last night at midnight to see the Patricia Field range at M&S. I fell in love with the clutch, totally up my street. Leopard print, bright colours, illustration of a Patricia Field lookalike, quite big....but I didn't have any money. I was gutted. I hadn't expected to see anything that I'd want there and then. I also liked the scarves, one covered in shoes, the other in a print to match the clutch. I tend to wear a scarf in my hair, so would get a lot of use out of them. I know it's my own fault for spending what little I had left these past few days, but I'd forgotten that I may need to keep some for this range. My Mum started spouting about 'leaving something for Christmas', I answered back with 'it's Limited Edition, it's not going to be there at Christmas' and of course I'm right, it sold out and has been removed from the site before I even got up this morning. I actually had enough money in the bank for the clutch, just not enough for postage too, which sucks even more. I'm totally gutted...and sulking and pouting like a 4 year old : (

I quite liked these gloves too (also in red), although I have a ton of little gloves for winter, so honestly wouldn't need them.

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