Monday, 13 October 2008

Boots Christmas Catalogue

Yes, our poor summer is just over and it's getting colder and darker so shops are already putting up Christmas trees and lights and selling decorations and advent calendars! I can't complain really, as I love Christmas and the run up to it is usually more enjoyable than the day itself if I'm honest.

Boots have started receiving stock of their Christmas gifts (the usual 3 for 2 bargain) and the Christmas catalogue is available now too. I was a little disappointed with it this year. The No7 and 17 gifts are pretty boring. I love all the Soap & Glory sets though, also the Urban Decay and Too Faced stuff (already available on the likes of ASOS) are really pretty.

There is a fabulous new No7 GWP (gift with purchase) coming soon. The book didn't specify when exactly it was released, but it's the usual 'spend £20 on No7 to qualify'. I'm really pleased that the liquid eyeliner is in there to try. I've been curious about this (especially this shade) for sometime. The little clutch is cute, the other items I'm not too bothered about.

I'll probably buy some of the Limited Edition cosmetics range to qualify for the free gift. There was a sneak peek at some of the items, so I've scanned them for you to see. An eye palette (kinda similar to the others No7 have churned out), a highlighting powder (I'm definitely getting this), a pink shimmery lipgloss, glittery pink nail polish and glitter eyeliner in silver or lavender.

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