Thursday, 23 October 2008

NYX in the UK

I've been quite a fan of US cosmetic company NYX for some time now. I have a few blushes, loose pigment and eyeshadows that I've swaped for on MUA. So I was mega excited to see that Fragrance Direct have started carrying the brand. They don't have all the range, but seem to be adding to it all the time.
Yesterday I placed a huge order (well actually 2 orders) and I received a box full of goodies this morning. Currently my hand is covered in lipstick, gloss and glitter! I was particularly interested in trying the Candy Glitter eyeliner to see if it's comparable to Collection 2000. I was pleased at how big the tube was, it looked a lot smaller online. There's a cute black tassle adorning the top of the lid and the colours I ordered look so sparkly in the tube. From swatching though I was a little disappointed. To me, they seem like clear liquid (or slightly tinted) with sporadic glitter pieces. Whereas the C2000 ones are infused with glitter and you don't really get that clear liquid look. I remember buying a Too Faced one a while back and the colour I got (Drunk Dial) was the only one that didn't look like clear liner with little bits of glitter in it. I like that the C2000 give me a line of non-stop sparkle. If you're going to do glitter, you may as well go all the way, I don't want subtlety, I want full on glam!
However I'm sure I'll still get use from them. I also got some lipglosses and lipsticks. Here's a list of my haul. I still have a huge order of the Round Lipsticks to come and a few more bits and pieces.

Candy Glitter Eyeliner in
Baby Pink
Hot Yellow
Hot Orange
Disco Queen

Diamond Sparkle Lipstick in
Sparkling Orchid
Sparkling Flamingo
Sparkling Gold
Sparkling Satin
Sparkling Apricot
Sparkling Velvet

Diamond Sparkle Lip Gloss in
Plum Sparkle
Beige Sparkle

Goddess of the Night Lip Gloss in
Sweet Heart
Iced Latte
Frosteed Beige

All in all, I was quite pleased with the order. Sparkling Orchid lipstick looks gorgeous and I can't wait to try it. Some of the lipglosses look like they may be little too gold for me and make my teeth look yellow, so I may swap them. Each item cost £1.99 or £2.99, so slightly more expensive than in the US, but still cheap. Hopefully I'll get pictures up for you at some point as the swatches on NYX are no help and most of the items on Fragrance Direct don't have images with them.

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