Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Ravishing Rimmel

As make-up daft as I am, it's not often I purchase or want to purchase anything from Rimmel. It's not that their products are rubbish, it's just I look at the stand and don't see anything interesting jumping out at me. I used to buy their eyeliner and lipsticks (actually the only brand of lipstick I've used up and bought over and over again) when I was in high-school, but other brands have enticed me with innovative product launches and prettier packaging.
That could be about to change though as Rimmel launch several new products within a few weeks. I love the new purple packaging, isn't it funny, how a simple colour change can make products look more appealing?

There's new Sexy Curves mascara pictured above, which promises 70% curvier lashes. I think these plastic mascara brushes are one of the best makeup innovations in years, so I'll probably give this one a try, even if the bumpy shape, does look a little strange.
Moisture Renew Lipstick featured in the new Sophie Ellis Bextor ad, is basically a revamped version of the old Moisture Rich lipsticks. Still with your favourite shades of Heather Shimmer etc
I love the Colour Rush Mono Special Effects eyeshadow (above) with little crown detail in the middle. From the swatches on the website (below), there are some lovely colours. Definitely worth checking out.

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