Monday, 13 October 2008

No Chanel Here!

As I've told you before, over at Stardoll you can buy many designer inspired outfits for your MeDoll. While some pieces are named as 'dior pink dress', others may just say 'pink frill dress', even although it may be an exact replica of an actual Dior creation. So far designers don't seem too bothered by the cartoon world imitating real life. That was of course until...Chanel. A few weeks ago, StarPlaza filled with Chanel clothes inspired by the new Coco Chanel dress-up doll. I bought a striped vest top (which was otherwise bland apart from the double 'C' logo on the chest) and 2 quilted handbags. I rejoiced at how lucky my MeDoll was and oh how I would've loved to own the real thing.
My now (boring) un-Chanel items!

Imagine my surprise when I go into my Stardoll wardrobe yesterday to find the vest missing the 'C' logo and the Chanel bags with a plain gold ring on them!!! It seems Chanel and/or Karl Lagerfeld were unhappy at the use of the Chanel branding and to avoid a lawsuit Stardoll replaced/removed the logo. I think this is extremely bad spirited of Chanel. It's essentially a kids website, where they've actually paid money (although Stardollars aren't real currency, they are bought with real money) and they've now been cheated. Shame on you Karl, you need to lighten up and see it was merely a form of flattery. DKNY obviously work closely with Stardoll as they have their own branded shop within StarPlaza, which changes designs each season. It's a shame that the old grumps at Chanel couldn't work out something similar. To be honest the more I hear about Karl and his extreme views the less I want his quilted bag!

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