Sunday, 3 July 2011

I'm Almost Back

Hi! Still no computer and I'm starting to want to strangle the guys in the shop-no joke! It feels like we're being held to ransom though, because we've already been charged for the initial work they did and now our computer is sitting in bits (with them), so we could take it back and lose the money we've already paid and have a computer in pieces or wait until they properly fix it. Not much of a choice really. They assured me it would be ready on Saturday afternoon, but I've been hearing the same story for weeks. My parents are on their hols now though, so nobody can pick it up this week (I can't carry it by myself). So it'll be another week, I'm afraid. I thought I could try blogging a little in the meantime. I don't have my camera installed on my sisters laptop and both my camera memory cards are now full of photos I've taken in the past few weeks anyway-but I figured I could at least blog items that don't require 'real' photos. I do have limited time on this laptop though, so it may not be every day. I'm trying to keep everyone updated on my facebook page-it's been easier to use that during this, so you can find that link to the right. I've been missing you all!!

So, it's sale time and rather than bagging myself some half price fashions, I end up buying twice as much as usual and therefore buying more and although technically saving money in reality I've spent just as much (if not, more)! My room is like crazy messy, shoe boxes and dresses hanging everywhere. There's going to need to be a serious cull to find room for all the new purchases. I've been buying some lovely vintage inspired dresses from Jasmine Guinness at
Tonnes of Florence & Fred dresses in the Tesco sale. I already owned most of the collection anyway, so just stocked up on those I didn't already have. That latest package is actually still sitting unopened-I haven't had the chance to try them on yet.
Some New Look and Dorothy Perkins dresses again...can't quite keep up with exactly which DP ones as I've bought so many and returned some and kept others! Here's the NL ones though. I did also get the cherry print prom dress, but it was insanely tight, so that had to be returned.
I actually had a rather unpleasant 'sales' trip to Dundee last Thursday. It was super busy and I hate when it's like that with long queues and people not looking where they're stepping (hello! I'm down here!). So other than a cute monkey necklace in River Island (they didn't have any of the shoes I was looking for in my size, damn the 3's and 8's!) and a ring in Topshop, it was pretty unsuccessful. So I decided a quick trip into Schuh was required and picked up the glorious Irregular Choice Abigail's Party in the pink bunny print. Honestly they look like size 3's, such a dinky little shape but fit perfectly (just go for your usual size). I'm holding out for loads more IC pieces...keeping an eye on sale prices!
Oh I almost forgot I bought the Can't Touch This t-bars from ASOS too. Really cute!
What else? The peachy coloured Croco by Vivienne Westwood Anglomania & Melissa also from ASOS. Stunning in the flesh, much better than the online pics you see, highly recommend them. I also ordered the lilac skull Lady Dragon slingbacks last night from Hervia and I don't believe you've seen the mint pair that I purchased a couple of months ago too?
I've also got a couple more dresses on order from the new Barbara Hulanicki range at Asda. Not having constant access to a computer meant I missed out on my size though...I was holding out for a free delivery offer and by then the 18's and 20's had gone in the polka dot. I have another dress from the BH range and it was generous in size, so I've ordered the 18 in the floral one (as they are similarly shaped) and seeing as the navy dress is a wrap, hopefully an exact fit isn't as essential and the 16 will do.

When I got my computer back briefly a couple of weeks ago, I quickly ordered these PPQ for Office shoes, called Menna. Really great for summer. I'm sure there have been other items, indeed there has been, I recall buying some jewellery from Miss Selfridge and a couple of animal rings from New Look. I have my eye on some AMAZING shoes right now, so more about them later.
It's so nice to be back, even if the blog isn't back to it's full capabilities. Unfortunately The Shoe Girl Diaries will not be updated, as it's impossible without a camera and my computer. So, let me know if you've been buying some sales bargains or have got your eye on some of the new season stock that's already filtering into the shops (gets earlier each year doesn't it?).

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  1. I was getting worried! Welcome back! So many lovely items! I am so envious- I never find nice shoes in my size 8!!! Are you one of those pesky size 5s for whom I find every pair of shoes I like in!? There are some great IC shoes in the Schuh sale, but the only ones low enough for me are not in my size- grr!


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