Saturday, 16 July 2011


Guess what? I have my computer back!!!!! Yep, exactly 5 weeks later and it's back, same shell, completely new everything else! I spent almost all afternoon and evening, installing, updating and restarting to get it back to "normal". Honestly I was exhausted, I just got one thing fixed and up popped another update or something! Today, I installed my camera and uploaded 843 new photos, yikes! So it's going to take me forever to get through the backlog but at least everything is reasonably ready to use now.

I also managed to figure out how to upload photos from my phone to my computer (it's only taken me a year and a bit..!). In my defence, my camera was so new at the time that there wasn't any info on the net about how to do it, or software to help. I'm still finding my way around it, but uploaded the few photos I had. It seems I take pictures of 3 things; my nephews (and my sister in a cardboard box-funny, but she'd kill me if I showed you), shoes or food. A nice mix there! So here's the images, minus my nephews (and sis in a box) because they're a little more personal.
Mum's hot chocolate and my raspberry muffin from Muffin Break, whilst out shopping.
Chocolate sponge cake with white, dark and milk chocolate in Debenhams (also on a shopping trip, notice a theme?).
Ok, this is from my birthday last year, my 30th and remember my Mum and Dad had been away on holiday and so the next day I went out for lunch with Mum (I got this phone for that b'day, so these were the 1st pics I took)? We just popped down to Jannettas and I had gorgeous pink lemonade (and don't you love the retro bottles?), I then had soup and a 'Scoopy Snack'. Honestly the yummiest thing on the planet, it's cookie dough ice-cream layered between cookies with cream and chocolate sauce. An absolute mess to eat but delicious all the same. Let's just say I've become a regular at eating this! in point, this was Scoopy Snack for this years b'day when I went out with my sis. Did I mention my friend and I also popped in for my pre-birthday lunch (that was after we'd already eaten somewhere else, but wanted to finish with ice-cream here-fattieeees)!!
Mum and I also popped in somewhere local for pancakes...(not the same day as my birthday obvi)-I believe I'd just been to the dentist around the corner and as you do, clean teeth, let's eat and ruin them!! Mum had banoffee pancakes, I had my usual, with chocolate sauce, ice cream and cream. Yum!
Oh, this was yummy. We were shopping and missed the bus and I was getting really tired, so we popped into either Starbucks or Costa (I always confuse the two) for a wee cuppy and this choc-fest of a cupcake. I usually take these photos to make my sis jealous in a 3 year old kinda way "guess what I ate na na nah na"!
This is where I live, taken last summer....I always feel so appreciative that I got to grow up here, when I go to the beach. I'm very lucky to live in such beautiful surroundings and have to remind myself not to take it for granted.
A craptastic pic I took of my Bordello shoes that you'll remember I got a few months back (never told you the story did I? I will do).
My fabulous New Look/London College of Fashion wedges...need me to change a light-bulb while I'm up here?
The rather hilarious story of me getting literally stuck in my Kandee Jezebel boots a few weeks ago. The zip broke once the shoe was on, I had to wait until Mum and Dad got home and lay on the sofa with my foot over the arm, Mum holding the zip together and Dad with pliers pulling the zip back down, one tooth at a time. It was the funniest thing and thank God nobody saw us, so embarrassing!
Finally some more fuzzy shots of some new shoes, taken a couple of weeks ago. Finally got me some Corso Como and Ediva from Kurt Geiger...story to follow about these too!
So it's great to be back, this post has made me really hungry....!


  1. Yaaaaaaaaaaaayyyy!!!! Welcome back girl!!! I'm glad everything's working again! Love this post...I laughed so hard when I saw the picture of the shoe you got stuck in, did you get your money back or a new pair btw?

  2. two of my favourite things,,, food & shoes! love it!! xx

  3. Stop torturing me with those cake shots!!!!! You sound really funny in this post! And what a lovely place to live!

  4. Those desserts look soooo yummy :)

    && the shoes- oh me oh my!!! I wish I had the KG ones x

  5. Get STUCK in! - Well I was at work when I tried mine on and EVERYONE saw me struggle. I was fuming with Kandee as they wouldn't refund either!

  6. Get STUCK in! - Well I was at work when I tried mine on and EVERYONE saw me struggle. I was fuming with Kandee as they wouldn't refund either!


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