Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Harajuku Lovers Introduce Super G!

I first wrote about the latest Harajuku Lovers fragrance on my Facebook page last month, but I'm happy to report it's now available for purchase in the UK.
It's the glorious 'Super G' in superhero costume, complete with cape and mask (unfortunately no accompanying harajuku girls again). As if I had to sell it any further, she's also flying...a completely new bottle mould this time. I'm super, super loving it! The fragrance is completely new and I haven't had the chance to go anywhere for a sniff yet as our entire family is on hold awaiting the arrival of my little niece or nephew who really doesn't want to make an appearance! However, it's described as a bright, fruity, energetic scent with top notes of tangerine, yellow pineapple, pear and tart cranberry. Heart notes of banana nectar, yellow freesia, coconut and peach with a base of musk, transparent cedar wood, vanilla and raspberry! Sounds very unique, available now in 30ml priced around £20. I'm going to try and hold out for a GWP, although no news of one yet.


  1. Hey! Dunno if you've managed to have a smell of the Super G yet, but it's absolutely yummy! If you haven't yet you defiantly should :) I bought a bottle the second I sniffed it :)

  2. My daughters name is Georgia and we have always called her G . So as you might have guessed she has an extensive collection of Harajuku Perfume. When Isaw this one I just had to get it straight away. She realy wants it but she will have to wait for her Bithday! By the way she will be 12.

  3. Catherine-I did, it is yummy! Like J20 or Um Bungo juice!!

    krackers-aw, how cute. I'm 'G' too! Still holding out for a gwp on this one!


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