Thursday, 14 July 2011

New Look Autumn Winter 2011: Dresses

I'll bring you a full preview of the New Look Autumn/Winter range later, but whilst I was browsing the images, I noticed a theme in the items I liked. It appears I'll be wearing a lot of navy dresses next season! I think New Look have had a really good year; there's been many pieces that have caught my eye after several years of not buying anything from there. These dresses have lost that tween appeal (garish colours, short hemlines), which is good for thirty-somethings like myself and it's not only the fabulous prints that attract but the detailing of bows and collars. Unfortunately the only thing putting me off, is the sizing. With all the dresses I've ordered from New Look this year, it's been very much hit or miss and I'm talking about the regular range (the plus size seems a little uninspiring to me). So NL, please make them generous and I'll buy them all!
Model 1: Knitted headband £3.99, dandelion dress £24.99, socks £1.99 and shoe boots (loooove these) £27.99. Note the fluted sleeves, panels, ruching over the stomach, waist bow and even a collar (sorry I chopped it off in the larger image below). Loving it all! Model 2: Hat £12.99, bird print dress £24.99, loafer heels £24.99. Again, great detailing with the panelling and bow and I lurve that bird print, stunning! Model 3: Hat £4.99, floral dress £24.99, snakeskin platforms £24.99. I love the way this kicks out before the knee and the frill around the waist is a lovely touch.
I'll also give you a close-up of those shoes...
Next, not as ga-ga with this floral one, although it's still very pretty. It's £27.99, the belt £4.99, socks £2.50 and block heel bow shoes £27.99. Me and polka dots love each other and this has an interesting contrasting collar, so I'm already sold! It's £24.99, tights £5.99 and loafers £24.99.
Finally another bird print dress, more along the lines of Miu Miu with the swallow design, it's £24.99 and the cape is £44.99. What do you reckon, anything floating your boat?


  1. Ooh love all the dresses! And that cape!

  2. New Look do some great dresses, I just bought a lovely tea dress in a disty teal colour, in the sale.

    The shape and detail of those dresses you posted are great, I don't look brill in navy though, it does nothing for me.

    By the way NEVER buy jewelery from New Look, it will fall apart before you even exit the store...of all the high street shops, they have the worst constructed jewelery...I dunno why as 99% of it(all high st) is made in China, I don't know what goes on with the New Look manufacturers.

  3. Oh...I don't like any of them! :( I don't really like the shape of them (I HATE sleeves like the first and third one have...HATE them, seriously lol), although I am glad the hemlines aren't ultra short anymore! And I do love the print on the second one, bird prints will always make me happy :)
    I thought I liked the loafer heels though, until I realised they have a silly stiletto heel intead of a good chunky one which I think would look 1000x times better! Yuck! Ah well...guess I'll have to wait and see if they come out with anything else I'll like! I'm still very much into the English Heritage thing for fall/winter, I just love it! So I'm still gonna go with that regardless of what the trends will be anyway.


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