Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Bye Bye Shoes

I've been regularly selling on eBay over the past couple of years and although I don't find the experience 100% positive (I'm not a fan of the fees both eBay and Paypal take off (it usually means you don't make a profit) and buyers can really muck you around and as a seller there's not all that much you can do about it), however I do enjoy it...well maybe that's not the correct term. It 'works for me', most of the time. As you know, I buy a lot of shoes, more than the average person and my tastes can change, so it's a great opportunity for me to make a little money on items that would usually be chucked in a bag and given to the charity shop. It's not that I don't like giving it to charity, but I would feel really guilty giving away shoes that had been barely or not worn at all, which the shop would more than likely completely under-value. I still regularly make donations to local charity shops and anything that is too worn simply goes in the bin. I see some hideous looking shoes on eBay that I personally would've chucked!
At first obviously, I found it easy to gather together possible shoes for selling, but lately I've been really struggling. I'm down to those shoes I really like and because I have so many, it's not always easy to discard a pair purely because you've only worn them twice in a year. I'm absolutely at or actually beyond my maximum storage capacity for shoes though, so it's imperative I whittle down my collection once more. I spent this weekend, listing loads of new pairs and the auctions finish this Sunday. I would've put up more if I'd had the time, but this is certainly a good starting point for reducing my stash. It was actually really difficult to gather possible pairs together, I was trying to be strict but my head is always telling me one thing and my heart another! Several pairs have never been worn for various reasons, they either don't fit me all that well or I've never found the right outfit for them. I must say I felt like I was selling my soul with certain pairs, but I can't justify keeping a pair "just to look at".
There's several pairs from Irregular Choice. The Grace Lace (above) I'm re-listing due to non-payment, the Blythe Emi pair I must've considered selling for months and months, but each time I reconsider. They've never been worn though (plus I have other Blythe pairs), so it's silly isn't it? Too late to change my mind now though because they already have a bid in! The orange Audrina I bought ages ago and yet again have never worn, the black croc Florence lace-ups I like but rarely wear.
Then we have the Red or Dead Ettore ankle boots (below) which I've lusted after since they first came out. I finally got my hands on a pair last week (it wasn't easy) and they don't fit! I can only get the zip up halfway on one foot, but fully on the other. I'm gutted, totally gutted that they have to go but they cost a lot of money and what was I going to do? Stroke them and hope my feet shrink? I'm still searching and hoping for a bigger size.
There's loads of other pairs too, so I'll leave you with pics and you can find all my listings here. I ship everywhere and anywhere and the shoes are mostly 5/38's or 6/39's.
What about you, do you use eBay for selling unwanted items? Or do you prefer to buy rather than sell?


  1. Probably just as well for my purse that your feet are smaller than mine!

  2. Oh those Red or Dead boots are AWESOME...hope you find them a size larger!

    I don't like eBay for selling (as you know since you're always the one receiving my frustrated facebook messages haha!). I hate how you get ripped off by eBay and how I can't list shippingcosts properly when I list on eBay.uk or .com from The Netherlands. So I prefer to sell from a different site. Haven't sold much lately though :( I was thinking of listing another pair of JC's....I know what you mean about picking stuff to list. I REALLY loved those JC's when I got them (the Mary Roks) but the last time I wore them is almost a year ago, still hard "saying goodbye" though...BUT the new JC Lookbook is AH-MA-ZIIIIIING haha need money :P

  3. I am totally the same, I have so many pairs that are just 'too pretty' and I just have such a battle with myself deciding on how to wittle down my collection! I hope you make a good profit because these are some amazing shoes :D x

  4. Wow! That's a lot of shoes! I'd find it hard to get rid of dresses I think, I love them too much! I've never sold on Ebay though my sister has sold things that I would otherwise have given to charity of friends. I imagine it's really hard as a seller! I bought a furry coat from someone on Ebay recently (through my sister) and the poor person had a really irritating time because my evil post office left me a parcel delivery note with a phone number that didn't work and no reference number to use on the website and because I couldn't get to the post office, (and was 5 day signed for) it got sent back, except it didn't, it was stuck in transit and she had to chase it up as she had all the paperwork etc and it was a right pain for her! I felt awful!

  5. What size are the Red or Dead boots? And how much do you want for them? Are they on Ebay now? I NEED THEM


  6. Oh just found the link to the listings, got a bit excited there!!


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