Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Inspiretty #99

I've had such a stressful day. I've been having computer troubles all week (I swear mine breaks twice as often as others) and the main issue has been starting it up. If it's shut down or goes to sleep for a longish time then it's near impossible to get it started again. Windows just doesn't work. After an hour of attempts this morning, I got it fixed or so I thought (until it went to sleep this afternoon and had shut down/gone funny by itself). In my not so vast computer geek mind, I reckon it's the hard drive (it's making a strange clicky sound on startup), so I've been frantically trying to backup all my files today. Turns out you need a helluva free space somewhere for that and no memory stick, disc or hard drive I own has enough room! Tonight I spent 2 hours deleting crap off my old hard drive to make room for at least my pictures, videos and music (which I'd be pissed if I lost) but it's taking ages to manually copy and paste those folders plus the stuff I earlier removed from the old hard drive has reappeared. 'Grrrr' doesn't cover it. If only computing life was as simple as Snow White makes it look eh?



  1. looks so it

  2. What a gorgeous sticker! I've been there with the computer problems, such a nightmare!! I hope it gets sorted soon


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