Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Daisy Lowe Speaks To PHP!

You'll be aware that I participated in the 'Get Set For Summer Challenge' in association with Gillette Venus and Braun recently. Well, Daisy Lowe is the 'legs' of the new Dual Epilator (that you'll possibly recall me reviewing a short while back on my YouTube channel-yep that dancing epilator) and recently she hosted the Braun Sound of Fashion event in London, an evening of music and fashion. Now, I have to admit I don't often get invited to press events, I'm not sure if it's due to my location or not being in the right clique! I guess it is easier and far cheaper for those who live in or around London to pop on a train rather than having an entire day of travel and overnight stay for peeps like me. However, given my health issues, it's normally unlikely that I'd be able to attend anyway (although it's always nice to be considered). This year though, my health is improving slightly (possibly not quite enough to run off to London...) but I made the decision that I should probably tackle such an event-just "go for it" as I say and to hell with the consequences! I did a little research online to suss out hotels and train tickets once I knew the date and this was when my grand plan hit a major snag. It was possibly because Wimbledon was on and thus very few hotels to be had, but it was going to cost around £500 for a room and travel for Mum and I (needed Mum to carry the luggage and lean on!). If I'm totally honest I did still consider it...but in the end £500 is just too much to spend on a flying visit, even if it is one of those 'once in a lifetime' opportunity things that I seem to have missed a lot of over the past 9 years.

However as sad I was not to go (and I genuinely was, especially as I'd got my hopes up), it was eased slightly by a little personalised interview with Daisy for my blog. How cool is that? You can see it above (if Blogger ever decides to upload it) and I'm sorry I couldn't bring you the sparkle and glamour of London. Sometimes I do regret that my life (or lack of) limits what I can bring to the blog, unfortunately there's nothing I can do to change that or speed up my recovery. On the plus side, being ill means I don't have work commitments that get in the way of blogging though, so there's a flipside to everything. I have a feeling I would have been very emotional on the trip to London and very reflective of what my life could've been and just how much I miss the city. It's now 10 years since I briefly lived and worked there and I really had the time of my life; it brought me out of my shell and firmly cemented what I'd always known, that I wanted a career in fashion. I always knew I had to come back to finish my last year at Uni though, but there was a massive part of me that wanted to be reckless and stay and completely change my life. However, it's a lot of coulda, woulda, shoulda's and perhaps that path wouldn't have worked out any better for me-you just never know do you? Getting too deep now, heehee! Anyway, hope you've all come up with a master plan on how to torture the techy boys if they haven't fixed my computer by Monday, there's so much I want to blog about just now and I'm extremely limited without my camera or PC.


  1. Glad to see you somewhat back...tenuous link to Daisy Lowe coming right atcha, Anyway, I don't know if you ever watch Eastenders??, well "Ronnie" went down in a Pearl Lowe dress, which I almost bought in the sale, now I'm glad I didn't as I would just totally associate that dress with angst and fear, the "distress dress", if you will, it did look great on Samantha Janus though.:) Do you have that one?, It's the black one with butterflies and polka dots. I wish she would use viscose again, that polyester, or at least they way her manufacturers process the polyester, is well ruff!, can't knock the designs, but I could live without the flammability(is that a word?)

  2. Haha, I don't watch Eastenders, but I noticed the pic of Ronnie in a TV magazine and thought 'no way, she has the Pearl Lowe dress on'!! I never got it but liked it and then it sold out in my size when it went into the sale which was disappointing.


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