Friday, 22 July 2011

You're Going To Love Me

I've wanted to put this post together for a little while, in fact of several shoe websites I've discovered lately, but most of all this one called
I discovered it last month and felt like I'd unveiled a little sparkling gem! It's so unbelievably good you'll want to keep it to yourself as a dirty little secret. Launched by Kurt Geiger as an outlet type store, you'll find brands like French Connection, Studio TMLS, Stuart Weitzman and Nine West sitting alongside KG favourites such as Fashionistas, Miss KG and Carvela. Prices are seriously discounted and can start from as little as £9 (told you it was good). How does £99 instead of £980 for a pair of black Behnaz Kanini ankle boots sound (yeah that's not a typo)? I'm just so excited by this website that it's already become my daily routine to check and see what's new and they do add new styles every day! However stock is extremely limited, usually to only one pair in that size of that style.
I placed an order at the start of the month, as research for the blog you understand! I got the Fashionistas 'Corso Como' (£49 down from £290) and KG by Kurt Geiger 'Ediva' (£49 were £150), plus I had a 20% off code (bargain central). The CC had several sizes available but only one in stock of my size and the Ediva were actually the only pair on the whole site, so if you see something you like DO NOT HESITATE, you'll only live to regret it! I ordered on a Sunday and they had arrived by the Tuesday, so service is excellent. Here comes the snag for you international ladies though, delivery is currently only available in the UK, sorry (I can actually hear your groans)!
As for anyone wondering how on earth they can sell these shoes so cheaply, well they are old season stock including current sale stuff and could have minor cosmetics damage (i.e. boxes are battered, shoes have been tried on instore etc). My CC were fine, no issues, the ribbon across the Ediva had a greenish stain to it which was easily removed with a makeup wipe, so I was still a happy bunny. I haven't had a chance to properly photograph them for you yet, but will do. I'm trying really hard to curb my desire to buy everything I remotely like from the site purely because it's a bargain (you know me), but if you had an occasion or need for a certain style then it's likely they've got what you need for the right price. I'll just sit on my hands and try to control myself over the weekend!
Let me know what you order!


  1. I just drooled a little... I know what website I'm going to next!!!

  2. I have been religiously checking Shoeaholics ever since I saw you got some CC from there... I've been lusting after these for ages!

    On Saturday I found the black with gold sparkles in stock IN MY SIZE for £49 on the website and they arrived today!!!!! I am so so so happy and I would never have known about this site if it wasn't for you!

    Now walking in them... that's going to be a challenge...

  3. Anastasia, I love a happy shoe story, thanks so much for letting me know!! Yeah the concealed platform isn't that big, so the huge heel isn't all that easy to walk in. Mine have the silver and black tiny spikes and jewels, but I saw the gold jewel ones you got on the site last week, lovely.


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