Thursday, 21 July 2011

Keep Or Return?

Hello! I quickly ordered a few things from ASOS that I'd had my eye on in the sale, on Sunday night. They arrived on Tuesday and I made a quick video of me opening the box for the big reveal (!) but it was crap! So I went with pictures instead, haha! Actually not of everything (a mix of timing and me taking rubbish photos), but there's one item in particular I wanted your opinion on...
...these nude patent and suede 'Powertrip' courts with frosted perspex heel. When I first tried them on, they were really tight (quite a hard shoe) and I took the first set of images. I had already decided by this point that I'd be returning them and possibly not even exchanging them for a bigger size.
However when I tried them on properly the second time, they fitted a lot better and I changed my mind again! They're quite cute aren't they? Possibly not 'amazing' enough for me to keep, but I'd like your opinions anyway. Also do you all change your mind this often about stuff you buy? You love it, then it arrives and it's not quite as you expected or doesn't fit and you immediately change your view...I do that ALL the time.
The other pair I got, were the black suede 'Pure' courts. Remember I bought them in tan leather aaaages ago, then sent them back because they were too big and ASOS hiked the prices back up and pissed me off so much I didn't replace them? Anyhoo, I decided at £28 with an extra 10% off, it wasn't to be sniffed at. They are super cute, slender and a nice not too scary high platform and heel. Black, could be considered a bit boring, but great for wearing with busy prints or coloured tights. I'm sure I'll wear them a lot, so I reckon they're a keeper.
I also got 2 dresses from the Curve range. The black one is really interesting and I love items with unusual hems like this. Unfortunately that's where my love for it stops. The bodice isn't fitted or shaped at all really and with my big boobs, it just didn't do anything for me. I loved the hem, but there were massive scoops of fabric, hitched up to the waist that just added bulky curves that I didn't really need.
I love the devore fabric and think it could've been saved with a better fit on the bodice, but even with a belt it looked unflattering. So, this one is definitely going back.
This maxi dress, was a last minute purchase (yes that's it's peeking out in the images of the Powertrip shoes above). The images on the website didn't really appeal to me, but the accompanying video completely sold it. I personally wouldn't wear it off the shoulder, so that's probably why. It's really pretty in person. I'm sort of undecided on how flattering it is though. I thought it looked great in the mirror, but the photos made me look really booby and curvy (which I am, so I'm not sure why I'm debating that...)! I reckon it's a keeper though, although are we actually getting summer weather this year or just this changeable crap?


  1. Ooo I quite like them. Aslong as they fit I'd keep them. I do that all the time though. I get guilty about money I've spent and think, was it really worth it?? That's a shame about the black dress not being what you want but atleast the maxi is gorgeous!!

    Love J.

  2. I love the first shoes, i'd keep as they might come in handy x

  3. Blech, blech and thrice blech to the first shoe. Because they are a nude and the shape of them, they give the unfortunate look of some sort of hoof, of a mythological beast, like a cenotaur or summat...which is not how your feet roll, as your tooties look great in 98% of your collection.
    Just my for the other shoes, I'd keep those.

  4. Oh that floral dress! Do you have a link for it at all?

  5. I have the asos suede powertip heels and wouldn't return them. I love their block heel which is semi-see-thru and the sued tip. and the shade suits you nicely:)

  6. LOL antigone! Hoof of a mythological beast! XD very creative ;)

    I think the shoe is quite pretty, I like the heel! Not a fan of the toe though, would have liked them more if the whole shoe was the same.

    I would however send them back. But that's because I've become VERY strict with myself, I just know I really won't wear shoes that are uncomfortable and if I feel they're really too tight on the first try then they don't fit right, no matter if they fit better the second time round ;)

    When it comes to clothes I think of where I'd wear them...I try to not have any clothes for "occasions". You know...that lovely dress that you keep just in case you ever get invited to something you need to have a really swanky dress for (only to find out you've gained weight so you so it doesn't fit anymore)...NO...I don't have stuff like that lol. I only have clothes I wear everyday. I also don't have "going out" clothes and "day clothes". So when deciding on if I want to keep something I look if I think it looks good but I also think about how often I would wear it and if it's suitable to wear to mutiple places, usually doesn't take long to decide actually!

  7. Ooh, I love a bit of shoe controversy!

    BVC-absolutely, it feels like a good idea at the time, but then when you see it, you wonder if you should've spent that money!

    Em, thank you, they are kind of a classic with a twist right enough!

    Antigone-haha, I'd like to think of them as unicorn hooves then! Secretly wondering which 2% of my shoe collection I look shit in, pmsl!

    Kezzie, here it is in the Curve range (sizes 20-26) £27

    or in the main range £33 (8-18)

    MsVeve thank you, I like the shaded, frosted look on the heel, it's cool.

    Marlein, completely understand what you're've become the voice of reason lately when it comes to shopping, what's happened? You used to lead me astray and be a bad influence, haha ; )

  8. Ha! I can tell you :P I stopped working fulltime and went back to being a student...tres boring for shopping ;) But it does mean I only pick what I REALLY REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEALLY want very badly, which is better...I guess...? lol ;)

  9. Hello!

    Your haul looks really great.
    If you don't mind please share it with our fashion haul community.

    Hope to see you around there!
    xoxo :)


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