Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Keep Or Return?

It's times like these, when I could really do with my camera and computer. I have lusted after these Vivienne Westwood skyscraper courts for months and months. I know they are a pretty plain shoe but it seems I have conflicting tastes when it comes to footwear. I love girly trims like bows but also tough, harder looking things such as studs or spikes. I like lots of details, patterns and trims but can also appreciate simple. There's not much to comment on with this particular pair; they have killer curves and just do it for me. I finally saved enough to buy them and they arrived this week but aren't entirely as I expected and here lies the dilemma (and need for a camera!).
The colour struck me first of all, they are more a salmon pink, peachy shade (slightly darker but the same tone as the image below) rather than nude or soft ballet pink (above). Not an issue per se, just not as 'nude' as I envisioned. Then came the trying on...there's absolutely no way I can get my foot in on it's own. It's strange but I can only wear them with tights. I think because your foot gets stuck and can't go in, down and along all at once, whereas with tights, it slips in no bother and feels comfortable once inside.
Again this isn't a massive problem, I can always wear tights or little lace socks with leggings, so it doesn't entirely limit my wardrobe options. The shoes themselves are super soft and right enough do have amazing angles. What they do to your legs, people would pay a fortune for at the gym! The heel is 12cm with no platform, so I have to admit they aren't the easiest to walk in (but I'm sure with practise...). Also, I've always, always wanted to own a pair of VW shoes (I know I have many jelly pairs but they don't totally count in my book), so I was super excited that they were finally mine. So the decision is whether to keep them or not? I really wish I had 'real images' to show you because it would perhaps help in your decision making but still no word from the computer people today. No surprise there!


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  2. It's hard without any real pictures, but based on these, I'd say keep! You're right, they do have killer curves.

    Btw, I'm missing your regular updates! Stupid people at the computer shop!! Can't wait to see all your new purchases, I'm sure there have been many. :)

  3. Have you tried powdering your foot before putting them on? My grandma told me to try that once when I had shoes that wouldn't fit without tights or stockings on, it worked a treat.

    Obviously you couldn't try that if you're going to return them but if they're a keeper give it a try - and FTR I think you should keep them. They're a classic style, killer curves and the colour is nice (I've seen them IRL so I know).

  4. I think they look really lovely from the pictures! A lovely colour! Of course, I wince at the mere thought of 12cm!
    Can I second what 'Hooked on shoes' says- I really do miss your regular updates too! It's because of accidently finding your blog that I got back into blogging again and I love looking at what you've been buying! (So irritated, really want to buy the Mary Jane style bunny iC shoes but none left in my size 8 size, any idea where I can buy IC shoes from? Have tried Amsxon, Javari)

  5. Keep!! I have many shoes that I can't put on without tights cos i have wide feet. They are so pretty though! x

  6. I would say, if you are in any way hemming and hawing about these shoes, you already have your answer. You know, along with millions of other woman, if there is something you have to have and you can afford it, there is not an iota,a scintilla, a second of deliberation.YOU PURCHASE.It's visceral, it's in your bone marrow, me likey, me wanty, me MUST HAVE.
    The shoes are nice, but they are not THAT awesome, you have far more spectacular shoes than these, save your pennies for another VW pair, she ain't going anywhere anytime soon.:)

  7. Being a huge VW fan, I'd say keep 'em, but it really depends on how you feel about them, is it love?:)

  8. I would have to agree with antigone. I find that the BEST shoes/clothes I own are the ones I don't have any doubts about at all and love 100% and often have been lusting after for aaaaaaaaaaages before buying. I would send them back and save the money for another VW pair that you 100% adore without any doubts :)

  9. Thanks for all the comments...I've been waltzing around the house in the shoes and after carefull consideration, I think I'll return them. My feet were aching after a couple of minutes (turns out a 5" heel without platform can defeat me)!! Although I lusted after them for ages, I have to admit that I wouldn't wear them that often if they're that difficult to walk in and for that price, it seemed silly to keep them.

    Kezzie, those shoes were exclusive to Schuh I it the 'Candy Spoilt Rotten' pair? So if Javari/Amazon/Schuh don't have them, it doesn't look likely you'll find them. I just checked Viva La Diva, who stock Schuh's IC's and they seem to have a 7 which Schuh don't, but still no 8.

  10. Bit late to the party, but I thought I'd just mention a shop I have used before for IC shoes...called Legend Footwear, when I couldn't find the No Place Like Home shoes they were they only place to have some left. Can't see any MJ bunny ones at the moment tho but thought I'd share the link anyway!

  11. Thanks Gemma and Sandy for advice! Still haven't found any but still hoping someone will have bought them and wants to flog them on Ebay!


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