Wednesday, 27 July 2011

ASOS Ablaze Wedge

The latest ASOS magazine arrived today. Quick flick through and these babies caught my eye. Meet the floral tapestry 'Ablaze' wedge £60. Seriously want!!!
I just wanted to update with the following info...when I checked the ASOS site today I got this message, so the boots are definitely coming soon.
According to ASOS, they are due in August, here's a bigger pic and also I spotted a leopard pair. Not getting me as excited as the tapestry but lush all the same (have no idea why I just said 'lush', I never use that word as this really annoying Geordie girl spent a few weeks in my class at high-school and I swear every second word was 'lush', it used to do my head in and I always seemed to have to sit next to her, heehee!).


  1. OMG these shoes are to die for! So hot!

  2. Do you know when they are due out !!!! I think I'm might die if I don't get them ASAP!!!!

  3. Just got around to replying! Managed to get mine whenever they came out, but noticed they are sold out today.

  4. This shoes For sale yet? if yes where ?

    1. Hi, these shoes are an old style that used to be on sale at, this post is 3 years old and therefore they no longer sell them. You can find similar wedge styles from Jeffrey Campbell. Hope this helps x


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