Monday, 11 July 2011

I'm Sorry Guys...

Bad news re: my computer. My parents came back from their holiday on Saturday, so Dad went into the shop to pick up the computer (given that it was supposed to be ready the Saturday before) and surprise, surprise it's still lying in bits. It was to be ready today instead. Mum and Dad both went down today to collect it and...? It still wasn't ready, yeah we all know the story now! They really are taking the piss, it's unreal. They are apparently "making a new computer from scratch" (I don't actually care what they're doing, just get it done) yet they constantly tell us "part x, y and z" are faulty/need replaced/whatever bullshit word of the day is! The point is, if they're making it from scratch, surely they are using brand new parts to do so and thus, they shouldn't be faulty? Not only that, I don't believe it's that "broken" in the first place. I still think they crushed my original hard-drive for no reason (but harbouring any anger for that is a waste of time and energy), they replaced that hard-drive and it still didn't work, so said it was the fan and it had melted the processor. They admitted on Saturday they don't actually know what's wrong with it. Who knew a computer that's only 18 months old could be so screwed? So they are replacing EVERYTHING as I said and are quite clearly incompetent. They phoned this afternoon to say it still wouldn't be ready today because another part was faulty, my Mum actually almost cried, so I'm just done with it and done with them. Bunch of losers and if anyone lives locally, do not visit a certain store by the port (you'll know where I mean). Solid customer service and the lack of decent people running businesses these days is astounding, what is wrong with the world?

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  1. god that must be so annoying about your computer! :( i hope it finally gets sorted soon.


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