Friday, 8 July 2011

Preview AW11-Primark Autumn Winter 2011

My bank balance breathed a sigh of relief upon looking through these photos the other day. You'll see new season stock already filtering into the shops and I get the feeling I won't be buying all that much. Normally, I get really, really excited for winter fashion (saddo), but generally the trends aren't ticking my boxes this season and I'm actually, surprisingly pleased about it. This is the Primark Autumn/Winter 2011 collection and by now, you know me and Primark...I find it almost impossible to leave that shop without spending at least £40 (and in Primark that goes a long way). However lately I've gone in and struggled to find anything, the styles and colours just haven't appealed. My nearest store rarely gets any of the stock I see (and usually want) in previews or magazines and my two main interests are dresses (that department gets smaller each visit) and jewellery (the stock rarely changes and often looks cheap). I've pretty much given up on the shoe department which seems to be at least 4 months behind any other Primark store and even then, you'll never find your size. So why does it please me, that I won't be buying lots next season? Well, I've overspent a lot lately and bought a truck load of dresses and shoes over the summer, so it's slightly reassuring that my wishlist for A/W is pretty non existent just now.

I personally don't feel like I fall into many or any of the new season trends but I'm quite happy with my wardrobe full of floral dresses and I would never try and change my style or latch onto a trend that wasn't "me". Currently, I despise the term "colour blocking" because it's the most overused phrase (and trend) of the moment and this Primark collection fits smack, bang in the middle of that. I actually pity anyone that doesn't want to colour block, this season or next because there's not much else to find in the shops. I think where colour blocking fails for me, is that individually each piece doesn't have much personality, it's not until you style them together that you create the trend but it feels a little 'try-hard'. Nothing on it's own excites me or has me wanting to rush out and buy it anyway. Plus, I'm sure we've all got plain basics within our wardrobe that we could use if we wanted to fulfill this current trend. Anyway, here it is, see what you think...(click images to see them supersized)
Orange coat £35 due August, vintage look patent bag £7 July, pink tights £2 August and white patent strappy shoes £12 in store now.
Limited Edition slinky jumpsuit £23 August, snake skinny belt £2 August and snake platform shoes £18 September (rather like these shoes).
Mustard pussy bow blouse £10 October, crimson wool skirt with skinny belt £14 September, pink tights £2 August and high heel loafers £16 August.
Tomato cable knit bobble jumper £12 September, leather skater skirt £20 September, metal trim clutch £6 July, mustard tights £2 August and loafers as before.
Roll neck £8 August, belted peg leg trousers £14 July, long disc necklace £2.50 July, tights £2 October and purple wedge ankle boots £20 August.
Cable knit button cardi £12 August, cable knit midi skirt £12 September, socks £2 October and lace-up boots £18 September.
Limited Edition satin maxi £23 September, clutch £5 July and suedette courts £18 August.
Cropped jacket £23 September, tailored trousers £14 August, berry heart socks £2 July and lace up boots as before.
Limited Edition peter-pan dress £23 September, padlock mini bag £5 July, socks £2 October, loafers as before.
Belted coat £45 October (slightly more expensive than you'd expect from Primark but it is a doppleganger for that Burberry one), tights £2 instore now and loafers as before.
Check jacket £35 August, cable knit jumper £14 September, trousers £14 September, socks £2 October and loafers as before.
Heart print coat with pom poms £25 August, pocket mini skirt £8 August, teal tights £2 October and lace up boots as before.

So what did you think? The country manor/heritage trend is another one they've covered and it's not really my thing either. I also don't wear jumpers which is another big trend as you can see and I was explaining to my Mum the other day how burnt orange, rust type shades were totally "in" and that it wasn't really a colour I'm keen on (although I know it's generally a blogger fave). It just doesn't do anything for me and I prefer pastels or brights and it's kinda dull and inbetween. So nothing really for me, but as I said I've nothing against the clothes, they just don't excite me. Here's a close-up of a couple of the shoes.

all images courtesy of Primark


  1. OH HOW I WISH I lived in the UK!!!! I'm loving all of these outfits... except the knit skirt... I can't do that one. Especially the purple wedges!! I want it all. I guess I have to suck it up to just observing =[

  2. I like the colour blocking trend, but this is overload, for sure.
    I do love browsing in Primark though, I find it relaxing bizzarely, I can get very zen in that place, I suppose one has to, so to not be driven mad by the jumble sale chaos.

    Me, I'll be mostly rocking tea-dresses, MC jacket and biker boots, which I have forever, if it ain't broke, don't fix it.:)

  3. Yeh, I don;t really like much there except the suedette courts, the burberry doppleganger and the heart print coat!


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