Thursday, 28 July 2011

Irregular Choice Haul

OMG peeps, look what arrived today...a massive Irregular Choice parcel containing my two new pairs of shoesies. I honestly haven't had time to properly look at them and take 'real' photos, so here's the quick camera-phone images.
Gorgeous boxes including a rather large one filled with the attachments for the So-Yeon Sarah pair. I hadn't realised until I squirrelled the boxes away later that the other side of the attachments box is even cuter (like a little house), so I'll definitely take photos of that for you later.
First, here's the black 'Wing Invadors', grrrr check out those teeth!
The basic Sarah court, such a lovely retro shape.
Eye see you, heehee!
The attachments mostly clip on to the shoe.
My only issue is I was given the navy bows which were shown on the website to go with the red courts, but actually they still look cute, so it's no biggy.
I doubt these rings will fit me...
...the spatz didn't fit...they zip up the back and have elasticated sections across the front (which were stretched to their limits)!! Do I need to start 'operation fit into leg spatz' diet? Perhapsamundo!
I promise more pics soon, when I get organised.


  1. ha ha I want shoes with a scowl and wings!!!
    BTW, I have tagged you for a blog award!

  2. Sooooooo jealous. LOVE irregular choice.

  3. Kezzie-thank you m'dear, will check it out ; )

    Mo-pretty special shoes ; )


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