Saturday, 9 July 2011

Irregular Choice Oz Smooch

Ooh, is that some tasty new season Irregular Choice I see? It is indeedy. Exclusive to Schuh, these "Oz Smooch" take on the basic shape of spring/summer's "Can't Touch This" or "I'm Bossy" which is a good thing I think because I love them! I'm also a fan of the carved perspex heel, it's IC's signature really, so I'm glad they continue to use it. Plus as an avid high-heel wearer, this is my go-to, comfy, wear it all day long heel!
You can see a better image of the new trim's a shiny ice-cream sundae! At first glance I thought it was an Oscar statue, hee hee! The print is the ice-cream one from a few seasons back (yet another fave, so glad to see it return) and the shoe has the t-bar strap and stud closure.
And new season soles, yipee! Loving that cuckoo clock.
They are also available in glitter if the print above isn't your cup of tea. The shoes are priced £80 and if the sizing is the same as Can't Touch This, Fantasy Flower and the like, it'll run true to size. Here's a closer look at the trim.
And a cuckoo box to match the sole, yay!


  1. Oh my goodness! I think I must have the glittery pink ones, so kitsch!!! Love love love x

  2. Wow. These are soooooooooooo cute. Love.

  3. Love them but they are just too high for me!


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