Tuesday, 4 January 2011

New River Island Shoes

I blogged about these River Island spike sandals ages ago and finally got around to buying them in the online sale for a superb £25. I was a a little annoyed because they were only added to the sale after I'd placed an order a couple of days before! In order to justify the £3.95 shipping, I ordered another pair of shoes too. I got an email yesterday to say my order had been sent without the spike sandals as they were now out of stock. I was pretty annoyed because that was the whole point of the order. Not to mention that there were at least 6 pairs left when I made my purchase, so did they not really exist or did other orders get dispatched before mine? We'll never know.
The other pair I ordered are quite different for me. Ok, they have a bow and leopard print heel (very similar to my RI Design Forum pair), but they are...mules! Have you ever seen a mule since the 90's? I certainly haven't worn one since then! This pair (I don't reckon) reek of the 90's. They have a peep toe, high sides and bright pink contrast trim which I love with the black and leopard. I probably (actually definitely) wouldn't have placed an order for them alone, but I'm kinda glad I did. What do you think?


  1. when i heard mule i was like "ermmmmm" but i was pleasantly surprised by the pics - they are cool! it sucks about the other pair though - i hate it when that happens!!

  2. LOL "In order to justify the £3.95 shipping, I ordered another pair of shoes too." hahaha!

    If my BF read that he'd say "that's such a womans way of thinking!" like when I say "but those shoes were 50% off so I saved €50!" he'd me like "no, you just wasted €50 on something you don't need" :P

    As if we don't need all the shoes we buy, men just don't understand :P

    I don't know about the mules, they look pretty cool but I'd never buy them myself. I am planning on grabbing on the the clog trend before it goes totally off into the sunset, I'll be getting JC Charli soon once I'm satisfied the site I've seen them on won't reduce them further. The site is brilliant btw, they garantee the price of shipping so you won't get customs upon arrival:


    They don't have a huge collection of JC but still worth checking sometimes as I usually see styles I like too late and they'll be sold out at sites like Solestruck but these sites with smaller collections often still have a few left. I saw Office shoes is stocking some Charli too...but at jildor they will be €90 with shipping so that's good :)

  3. me too. when I saw the word mule I thought, "i don't know..." but when I saw them on your feet they looked really cute! the pink contrast MAKES those shoes. I think you pull them off well. :)

  4. what size do you need in the spike ones - they had a lot of them in our store the other day in the sale! if you let me know size, i could be your mail order shopping service ;)

  5. They are amazing.

  6. i've found them for you - have emailed you!! :)

  7. Thanks ladies! Haha, glad the mules ended up surprising in a good way! There's actually another colourway, but it's gold and purple and not quite as chic...not sure they work : (

    Marlein, I know I'm terrible like that, haha!


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