Thursday, 6 January 2011

Not Quite The Same

This pretty dress caught my eye when it popped into my inbox yesterday morning. I haven't bought clothing from H&M for ages but this was right up my street. I have to admit the large wired frills seemed a little more fashion forward than I expected from the store though. However upon further investigation, I discovered these images below of the same dress. Not exactly how it looks on the model is it? Don't get me wrong, it's still cute (I think I may even prefer the pink), but unless you have several Mariah Carey style wind machines following you around all day, you're going to be wearing a floaty, wrap-over dress not exaggerated ruffles!


  1. i thought it was horrid in the model pic, and then when i saw it on the actual site, i like it..but i find the h&m website very misleading, so i think i would want to see it in the flesh first!

  2. It's still an adorable dress in my opinion :3 x

  3. I also prefer the pink one now, I'll have to check it out on the store!

  4. Hehe this made me laugh! Very misleading in the model pic!!

  5. Wow! That pink dress is so cute! Thanks for the post. It made me laugh. :)

  6. I Went into H&M after seeing this post and the dress is totally different to the model pictures aswell! In the flesh its a little cheap looking, the material is polyester chiffon and the colours are washed out (in the pink) not as vivid as the website pictures. Totally disappointed. Much like peacocks they can design beautiful clothes then completely fail with the fabric.


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